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Brand - ProMix Nutrition

ProMix Nutrition - Intra-Workout Hydration, 48oz

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Quick Description

Get hydrated. Endure longer. Perform better. The ProMix Nutrition Workout Hydration supplement contains everything you need to keep you at the top of your game.

Key Information

  • All-Natural Supplement
  • Promotes Hydration and Endurance
  • 60 Trace Minerals to Fight Cramping
  • Free from Soy, Gluten, and Dairy
  • Packaged in a Refill container made of 97% Plastic-Free Packaging

Product Overview

The ProMix Nutrition Workout Hydration is not your average supplement. Made from natural ingredients without compromising on taste, the ProMix team has gone above and beyond with these Intra-Workout Hydration mixes. A great-tasting, natural solution that allows you to stay on top of your game - what’s not to like?

Their recipe for success? These mixes contain both short and long-chain carbohydrates to permit faster absorption into the body and improve your physical endurance. Himalayan salt balances the body’s sodium-potassium ratio and replaces key electrolytes to keep you at your best, with no cramps. The hypotonic formulation allows for fast cellular uptake with no bloating. All of these components make a fine powder that mixes instantly. The result? The perfect balance of ingredients to keep you fresh and support your performance.

And the best part? It is made from entirely natural ingredients. Unlike traditional supplements, ProMix has ensured the highest quality ingredients make up these mixes. This solution is free from soy, gluten, dairy, GMO, and artificial flavors. All-natural and all good for you, this is the smart solution to get the most out of your workout and your body.

Workout Hydration Lemon Lime

The ProMix Workout Hydration Lemon Lime adds a refreshing vibrant twang to your supplement solution. Made with real lemon and lime juice, this mix is a natural source of vitamin C, tastes great, and gives you the added zing you need to get to work!

Workout Hydration Unflavored

The ProMix Workout Hydration Unflavored gets the job done fast. Unflavored but slightly sweet, this is the perfect mix to drink down quickly and let the nutrients kick in and work their magic. Get exercising and feel the benefits!


Workout Hydration Lemon Lime: Short-chain Hydrolyzed Organic Cassava Dextrose, Long-chain Hydrolyzed Organic Cassava Maltodextrin, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Workout Hydration Unflavored: Short-chain Hydrolyzed Organic Cassava Dextrose, Long-chain Hydrolyzed Organic Cassava Maltodextrin, Himalayan Pink Salt.

How should I consume the ProMix Nutrition Workout Hydration?

This ProMix Nutrition Workout Hydration can be consumed both before and during a workout. Before a workout, this solution is most effective if 1 serving is consumed 20 minutes prior to starting to exercise. It can be combined with pre-workout. During exercise, consume 1 serving every 60 minutes, and this can be combined with Amino Acids. For 1 serving, add 2 scoops of the Workout Hydration to 16 oz of water and shake or stir for 30 seconds until dissolved. This mix ensures your ideal workout hydration.

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ProMix Nutrition - Intra-Workout Hydration, 48oz
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