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Provisions - Blueberry Lavender Jam, 125ml

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Quick Description

Provisions Blueberry Lavender Jam is an exquisite all-natural blueberry jam with a unique floral twist of lavender. 

Key Information

  • All-natural, non-GMO ingredients
  • Free from fat, gluten and dairy 
  • Contains no added preservatives
  • Recyclable glass jar

Product Overview

Provisions Blueberry Lavender Jam is both healthy and tasty. With no artificial preservatives, it’s also fat-free and guilt-free!

With a tang from the blueberries and floral notes from the lavender, this Blueberry Lavender Jam is great any time of day. Make a statement by using it on your vegan cheese board or spread it on toast for a yummy breakfast treat. 

It’s also packaged in an eco-friendly recyclable glass jar so it’s kind to you and mother Earth.

Provisions is always careful to source its ingredients as locally as possible because it cares about making tasty treats that also help the local community. 


Sugar, blueberries, wild blueberries, pectin, natural flavour, citric acid

Frequently Asked Questions

How should Provisions Blueberry Lavender Jam be stored?

Before it is opened. Provisions Blueberry Lavender Jam can be kept in a cool, dry place such as a cupboard for up to two years. Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator.

Client Reviews

Provisions - Blueberry Lavender Jam, 125ml
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