Provisions - Red Pepper Jelly, 125ml

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Provisions - Red Pepper Jelly, 125ml - nutrition facts
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Provisions - Red Pepper Jelly, 125ml

Brand - Provisions
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Quick Description

Spice up your life with this original Red Pepper Jelly from Provisions. Bursting full of fun and tangy flavour!

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly product 
  • Gluten-free
  • Comes in a 100% recyclable glass jar 
  • Zero artificial flavours or colourings 
  • Made in Canada 

Product Overview

Get that all too good bit of red pepper spice with this Red Pepper Jelly from Provisions. 

Jammy and sweet, acidic and spicy - this original Red Pepper Jelly is guaranteed to become a pantry staple in your home and is the perfect thing to whip out of the cupboard when you’re wanting to impress your dinner guests. 

Made using Scotch Bonnet Peppers, this state-of-the-art jelly combines all the very best natural ingredients to give you a zesty confiture - perfect for sandwiches, crackers and tapas spreads.

To take your sandwiches to the next level, why not try spreading some of this Red Pepper Jelly between two crusty slices of bread with a dollop of vegan cream cheese? A simple sandwich bursting full of Mediterranean flavour! 

Experts at Provisions have been working hard on their delicious range of jellies. 100% vegan and gluten-free, this full-bodied jelly comprises a host of simple ingredients that work together to give you a jelly with a depth of complex flavour. Sugar, salt and vinegar have been used sparingly to adjust and elevate that oh-so-good candied red pepper taste.


Sugar, Red Peppers, Vinegar, Pectin, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Salt, Citric Acid
Allergens: May Contain Nuts 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Scotch Bonnet Peppers come from?

Best known for their spice and tang, Scotch Bonnet Peppers have their roots in the Caribbean and are the main source of spice in many Jamaican and Haitian dishes. Nowadays you can find these spicy treats just about anywhere! All of the Scotch Bonnet Peppers used by Provisions have been grown in Canada.