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Rebel Kitchen - Barista Mylk, 1L

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Bend the rules with Rebel Kitchen’s Barista Mylk. This non-dairy, plant-based milk was developed together with world-renowned coffee expert, James Hoffmann.

Key Information

  • Tastes and works just like dairy milk
  • Tested and approved by baristas
  • Smooth, silky, and creamy
  • Contains no thickeners, stabilizers, or refined sugar
  • Has a twist cap to seal in freshness

Product Overview

Rebel Kitchen’s Barista Mylk is a milk alternative that doesn’t compromise. It acts and tastes like dairy and won’t settle for any less. 

Barista Mylk was co-developed with James Hoffmann. He is not your typical coffee expert. He is a barista, a coffee consultant, and an author. James also shares his coffee knowledge and experience with his million subscribers on YouTube. His opinions in the industry are well-respected. So you can see why Rebel Kitchen’s Barista Mylk stands out from the competition.

The Barista Mylk is smooth, savoury, and creamy. Its smoothness comes from organic oats, its savouriness comes from fava beans, and its creaminess comes from coconut milk. You can be sure that it’s completely dairy-free. Such a high-quality milk alternative is also attributed to Mylk being free from GMOs, emulsifiers, and stabilizers.

Barista Mylk is approved by baristas. It performs just like its dairy counterpart. It’s absolutely made with coffee in mind. So, yes, you can make lasting latte art with Mylk.


Spring water, oats*, coconut cream*, sunflower oil*, fava bean protein*, sunflower seed extract*, nutritional yeast, acidity regulator (potassium carbonate), sea salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Rebel Kitchen’s Barista Mylk for anything else?

Of course! It’s not limited to being added to coffee blends. Mylk has been praised for tasting so good, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Have a bowl of cereal with it, add some in a cup of hot chocolate, blend it in a smoothie, or even drink it straight!

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Rebel Kitchen - Barista Mylk, 1L
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