Santa Cruz - Organic Lemonades, 473ml

Santa Cruz - Organic Lemonades, 473ml
Santa Cruz - Organic Lemonades, 473ml
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Santa Cruz - Organic Lemonades, 473ml

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Do you find yourself needing a drink that will quench your thirst? Santa Cruz’s Organic Lemonades will revitalize your taste buds with their fresh and zesty flavours.

Key Information

  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • Made completely with organic ingredients
  • Produced by a Green-e certified company
  • Manufactured with renewable energy
  • Flavoured from concentrate 

Product Overview

Have you ever bought a drink that has not met your expectations and failed to satisfy your thirst? If you have been unfortunate enough to experience this, Santa Cruz’s range of Organic Lemonades is the perfect solution! They are packed full of mouth-watering flavours, ensuring to leave your taste buds excited and ready for more. 

To contribute to their amazing flavours, Santa Cruz Organic Lemonades are made purely with organic ingredients and natural flavourings. This provides a beverage that is not only delicious but also clean, making it a suitable drink for all. These are the perfect treat to add some excitement to your day.

Santa Cruz claims that 100% of the energy used to manufacture these products is offset with “certified renewable energy”. This reinforces the positive message of the brand being environmentally aware and sustainable. What is there not to love? It allows for you to not only enjoy the lemonade but to enjoy it knowing that it was produced through renewable sources.

These Organic Lemonades can be enjoyed in various ways; frozen, chilled, in smoothies, or straight off the shelf. On a hot day topped with ice, they make for an irresistible, revitalizing beverage. The perfect pick-me-up for on the go and to enjoy during your day-to-day life!

Santa Cruz Lemonade

Formulated from 6 organic ingredients, this delicious lemonade provides a revitalizing, guilt-free drink. These lemon natural flavourings are used to ensure the exclusion of any artificial ingredients, creating a crisper and more refreshing taste to other lemonades.

Santa Cruz Raspberry Lemonade

Alongside Santa Cruz’s many lemonade flavours, the raspberry lemonade allows for a fruity kick, adding a burst of berry to their original organic lemonade. The organic raspberry puree formulates the natural raspberry flavouring, allowing for a purer and fresher taste. Perfect for those who enjoy the Original Organic Lemonade and fancy a fruitier alternative. 


Santa Cruz Lemonade
Filtered water, Organic sugar, Organic lemon juice concentrate, Organic natural lemon flavouring.

Santa Cruz Raspberry Lemonade
Filtered water, Organic sugar, Organic raspberry puree, Organic lemon juice concentrate, Organic natural flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Santa Cruz’s Organic Lemonades different from other lemonades?

Santa Cruz promises that their lemonades are organic in every way. Starting from the ingredients themselves, to the manufacturing and finally, into the bottle, everything is organic, awarding them the official USDA Organic Seal. This supports that the company holds the idea of environmental responsibility in high regard, working with the planet and not against it. 

Their use of organic ingredients, renewable energy and Non-GMO products exhibits how as a brand they want to keep their products as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Not only do these lemonades taste delicious, but they are curated through sustainable sources making them the perfect beverage for environmentally conscious people.