Silk N Soft - Bamboo Toilet Paper, 12ct

Silk N Soft - Bamboo Toilet Paper, 12ct - front
Silk N Soft - Bamboo Toilet Paper, 12ct - back
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Silk N Soft - Bamboo Toilet Paper, 12ct

Brand - Silk N Soft
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Quick Description

Be kind to yourself and our precious planet with Silk N Soft’s Bamboo Toilet Paper. Luxury soft, sustainable and chlorine-free - what’s not to love?

Key Information

  • Made with bamboo - a more friendly alternative than trees!
  • Heavenly soft - bamboo produces some of the world's most luxurious fabrics!
  • Processed in a low-impact biofuel-powered facility.
  • No pesticides and fertilizers used in the growing process 
  • Chlorine-free

Product Overview

Toilet paper. You use it once then throw it away. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, the short-lived nature of toilet paper means that its environmental impact is not so easily undone… but not to worry - that’s where Silk'n Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper comes in! 

Silk'n Soft tree-free alternative uses bamboo instead of trees. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen per day than trees, requires no pesticides and fertilizers, and can quickly grow up to 75cm. This means more easily grown and restored materials and no harmful substances are pumped into our earth.

What’s more? The paper is also 3 ply, chlorine-free, and processed in a low-impact biofuel-powered facility. 

To top it all off, while most tree-free alternatives are rough and tear easily, Silk’n Soft doesn’t comprise softness - proving simply the highest quality for you and your bathroom guests. Gentle on the environment, and gentle on you - what’s not to love?


100% Bamboo

Why should I opt for an alternative to toilet paper made from trees?

The life span of toilet paper is incredibly short. We use it once then throw it away. Sadly, this means its environmental impact, both in the creation and in waste, is not so great. However, small steps can be taken to minimize the impact of single-use toilet paper on our precious planet. 

In fact, according to the Environmental Paper Network, toilet paper made from recycled material has three times less climate impact than toilet paper made from trees. So, what are you waiting for? Being eco-friendly goes further than just what we eat - make the change today!