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Brand - Simply Delish

Simply Delish – Instant Chocolate Pudding

Delivery Frequency Weekly C$3.03 / delivery

Quick Description

Simply Delish Natural Instant Chocolate Pudding will satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This delicious pudding is sugar free and only contains 28 calories per serving. Made with all-natural ingredients, Simply Delish’s Chocolate Pudding is allergen free, keto friendly, vegan, fat free, gelatin free, lactose free, no preservatives, non GMO and kosher certified. You can serve this dish as hot delicious pudding or even make a scrumptious chocolate pudding cheesecake.


Starch (Potato), Erythritol, Cocoa, Emulsifiers, Stevia Extract, Salt, Natural Flavor (Vanilla).

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Simply Delish – Instant Chocolate Pudding
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