Simply Organic - Cayenne Pepper, 71g

Simply Organic - Cayenne Pepper, 71g

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Add Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper to your spice rack for a warming spiced autumnal kick to power boost any curry or sauce.

Key Information

  • Easy-to-use screw top
  • Convenient clear jar
  • Fully recyclable
  • Organic

Product Overview

Simply Organic’s Cayenne Pepper contains nothing but pure, unadulterated, ground cayenne pepper. Using traditional organic farming methods, Simply Organic is committed to growing its herbs without irradiation. That means your herbs and spices are as fresh, healthy and flavoursome as they can possibly be.

At a whopping 35,000 heat units, cayenne pepper should be used with caution. For the faint-hearted, add a sprinkle for mild coconut-based curries. For those who can handle something that packs a punch, add a small, heaped teaspoon to Jamaican stew, Indian red curry, or Italian Sugo. The drool-worthy aroma and warm, earthy colour tone seriously hold their own.

For the avid juicers out there, add some cayenne pepper to your revitalizing energy shot. Simply sprinkle into a turmeric, ginger, and lemon shot for a morning zing that will energize you quicker than a double shot of espresso! Ward off nasty hangovers, blocked noses and mighty headaches with a spicy hit of heat that you certainly won’t regret.


100% Cayenne Pepper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cayenne pepper good for you?

Cayenne pepper has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 9,000 years! The powerful little pepper can stop stomach aches and upset tummies. It’s used as a natural painkiller and helps tackle acid reflux.

Cayenne pepper may also help weak circulation, prevent high cholesterol and blood clotting, and even protect against heart disease. It’s a source of vitamin A and E and even has antifungal properties!