Simply Organic - Ground Paprika, 74g

Simply Organic - Ground Paprika, 74g

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Spice up your life with Simply Organic’s Ground Paprika! Infuse your dishes with a warming sweet heat. Totally organic, for the fullest flavour.

Key Information

  • Convenient screw-top lid
  • Clear jar for easy identification
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 100% Organic

Product Overview

Simply Organic’s Ground Paprika is here to heat up your stews, potato wedges and roasted vegetables. Add an earthy orange glow to your cooking with a sprinkle of mild paprika, the perfect touch for that subtly sweet, mildly tangy lingering heat that will leave a smile on your dinner guests’ faces.

Why not try making vegan goulash? Goulash is a Hungarian wintery stew that’s been around for centuries. The paprika-based dish is a real belly warmer!

Did you know that most spices and herbs are preserved with additives and go through irradiation? Simply Organic is committed to being radiation-free, meaning your herbs and spices aren’t sitting in a warehouse for months on end, losing flavour. You can trust Simply Organic to provide you with the freshest, most aromatic, flavourful produce on the market.

What’s more, Simply Organic believes that organic food is for everyone. Each purchase supports its initiative to end food inequality through the Simply Organic Giving Fund, a charity that helps nourish hungry families in the U.S. So, what are you waiting for?


100% ground paprika.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between paprika powder and chilli flakes?

Paprika powder and chilli flakes can be similar in colour, and both contain some heat. Both are derived from the pepper plant, but while paprika powder is made from Capsicum Annuum (a small, sweet Hungarian pepper), most chilli flake concoctions are derived from spicer peppers such as Cayenne, Anaheim or Fresno. The former is a sweeter, lighter heat, while the latter is stronger and hotter.