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Spice World - Organic Minced Garlic, 269g

Spice World - Organic Minced Garlic, 269g

Brand - Spice World
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Quick Description

Spice up your life with Spice World’s Organic Minced Garlic. Simple, convenient, and ready-to-use, now you can add bold garlic flavour whenever!

Key Information

  • No prepping and no mess, it’s ready-to-use garlic right out the jar
  • Comes in a wide-mouthed jar for easy minced garlic access
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Absolutely no sodium
  • Zero preservatives

Product Overview

Spice World’s Organic Minced Garlic is simple, good food. There’s no sodium content in it, and it isn’t made with any preservatives. Just 3 ingredients in the jar. That’s it.

Simple solutions are often the best. Spice World takes precious time off your meal preparations. Just imagine how much time you’ll be spending peeling, crushing, and chopping garlic? With garlic being one of the most often used ingredients in the kitchen, that’s quite a lot of time! Just pop open a jar of minced garlic and you’re done.

Spice World’s Organic Minced Garlic also comes in a wide-mouthed jar. Again, simple solutions are usually the best, and the jar allows easy access to minced garlic whether you’re using a teaspoon or even a tablespoon. By the way, a half teaspoon of this minced garlic is about the same as one clove of garlic.

Spice World began its journey 70 years ago. And it started with garlic! As the world got a little busier, Spice World wanted to help by providing us with ready-to-use ingredients.


Organic Garlic, Water, Citric Acid

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Spice World’s Organic Minced Garlic?

Savoury dishes are probably the best way to go. You can add a bold punch of flavour to sauteed vegetables or start off some fried rice with a bit of garlic. Simple recipes like garlic baked croutons or garlic bread are also quite good. How about some buttery and delicious garlic mashed potatoes?

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Spice World - Organic Minced Garlic, 269g
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