St. Francis Herb Farm - Chamomile Tincture, 50ml

St. Francis Herb Farm - Chamomile Tincture, 50ml
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St. Francis Herb Farm - Chamomile Tincture, 50ml

Brand - St. Francis Herb Farm
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Quick Description

St. Francis Herb Farm’s Chamomile Tincture is a miracle worker. This soothing cure could be just what you need to calm your gut, nerves and pain.

Key Information

  • Reduces intestinal inflammation, flatulence, bloating and colic
  • Eases restlessness and nervous anxiety
  • USDA Organically grown and gluten-free
  • Used in traditional Western herbalism
  • Can also soothe teething pain in children

Product Overview

St. Francis Herb Farm’s Chamomile Tincture is perfect for individuals that may experience nervous anxiety, restlessness, stomach upset and pain. As well as these benefits, this chamomile tincture can be used for babies who are teething and experiencing pain. It can even be used by women experiencing menstrual cramps to help soothe and relieve.

Chamomile is the perfect ingredient for this tincture because it is closely associated with relaxation and digestion aiding. This makes the perfect fit for this tincture due to working magic on the gut and nervous anxiety. It is a herb which comes from a daisy-like flower possessing these many beneficial properties. Due to containing these qualities, chamomile is commonly found in teas and has been used for centuries by many.

St. Francis Herb Farm recommends taking their Chamomile Tincture 3 times daily in a little water, on an empty stomach.


Certified Organic Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla, flower), Distilled water, certified organic alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tincture and what are its benefits?

A tincture is commonly described as a herb or plant extract which is obtained by being dissolved in alcohol. The purpose of the alcohol is that it pulls out the active ingredients which are found in these herbs or plants and form a highly concentrated liquid.

Tinctures are beneficial because they make the healthy chemicals in plants easy to consume. They are regarded as a safe form of natural medication, providing a strong and reliable remedy.