St. Francis Herb Farm - Chinese Ginseng Tincture, 50ml

St. Francis Herb Farm - Chinese Ginseng Tincture, 50ml
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St. Francis Herb Farm - Chinese Ginseng Tincture, 50ml

Brand - St. Francis Herb Farm
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Quick Description

This Chinese Ginseng Tincture by St. Francis Herb Farm is the perfect traditionally prepared remedy for raising energy levels. 

Key Information

  • Improves energy and stamina 
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients
  • Pharmacopeial grade brown glass bottle with dropper
  • Produced to GMP standards
  • Eases mental fatigue 
  • Aids concentration and memory 

Product Overview

Ginseng Tincture has been used for centuries in China and India. The primary benefits of taking Chinese Ginseng Tincture is a raise in energy levels and stamina. It can also be used to aid insomnia, suppress infection and raise appetite. 

St. Francis Herb Farm’s Chinese Ginseng Tincture is the perfect tincture for athletes, as well as anyone on the go. The dropper function makes it incredibly easy to consume and the tincture is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. 

The Siberian ginseng used to make this tincture is the active constituent of the plant Eleutherococcus senticosus. The components are then extracted into ethanol (medical alcohol). This traditional process naturally preserves the beneficial elements of the plant. Each bottle of tincture can be stored for up to four years. 


Eleutherococcus senticosus, Alcohol, Water

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take St. Francis Herb Farm - Chinese Ginseng Tincture?

Traditionally 1-5ml can be taken up to 3 times per day. 20 drops from the glass dropper are approximately 1ml. St. Francis Herb Farm - Chinese Ginseng Tincture can be taken orally directly from the dropper or a measuring cup. Some people are not favourable to the taste, in which case we recommend diluting in water or juice. 
Caution: Contains alcohol. Do not take during pregnancy. The tincture is not suitable for people taking anti-diabetic medication, Digoxin for heart conditions, and Barbituates for sleep or seizures.