That's it. - Fruit Bars Various Flavours, 35g

That's it. - Fruit Bars Various Flavours, 35g

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Quick Description

That’s it Fruit Bars are the simplest, truest, healthiest fruit bars—each bar is just two whole servings of fruit. That’s it. Just fruit, nothing else.

Key Information

  • Nutritious, delicious, kid-friendly
  • No refrigeration needed, easy to store and carry
  • Diet-friendly, Paleo-certified, Whole30-compliant
  • Free from top 12 allergens, Spokin-verified, USDA Smart Snacks compliant
  • Free from gluten, GMO, sugar, nuts, fillers, binders

Product Overview

True to its name
Each bar contains two whole servings of fruit. That’s it. Just fruit, nothing else. Just all the good flavour and nutrition in a convenient bar. No nuts, no grains, no sweeteners, no fillers and no GMOs. 

Stress-free eating
Easy to carry, have it anytime you like. No washing, peeling or refrigerating is required.

It’s nutritious and delicious. At 100 calories per bar, it’s a guilt-free way to snack. And because it’s delicious, it’s also a neat trick to introduce whole fruit into kids’ diets. That’s right, these bars are kid-friendly and compliant with USDA Smart Snacks standards.

No more browsing through the label looking for nasty ingredients. With just two ingredients, these fruit bars have nothing to hide.

Less is literally more
That’s it Fruit Bars are made with real whole food, no concentrates or flavourings and no binders, so a 35-gram pack is 35 grams of real fruit. 

Fearless Snacking
On a weight-loss journey? Enjoy these fruit bars while working on that target. We recognize the challenge of staying on a program and finding a sustainable diet. We’re proud to tell you That’s it Fruit Bars are Paleo-Certified and Whole30 Compliant.

That’s it Fruit Bars are processed in a facility that avoids the top 12 food allergen groups. These snacks are verified safe by Spokin, an app for people with allergies, and SnackSafely, a website committed to providing guidance to people with allergies, so you wouldn’t have to worry about what’s not on the label.

And now all you have to worry about is choosing a flavour.

That’s it. Apple + Cherries Fruit Bar

Contains 1 apple and 10 cherries, an all-time best-seller.

That’s it. Apple + Mango Fruit Bar

Contains 1 apple and 1 mango, a tropical combo.

That’s it. Apple + Strawberries Fruit Bar

Contains 1 apple and 12 strawberries, a classic and a crowd favourite.


That’s it. Apple + Cherries Fruit Bar, 35 g.
1 dried apple, 10 dried cherries.

That’s it. Apple + Mango Fruit Bar, 35 g.
1 dried apple, 1 dried mango. 

That’s it. Apple + Strawberries Fruit Bar, 35 g.
1 dried apple, 12 dried strawberries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fruit Bars as healthy as fruit?

Not all, but That’s it Fruit Bars definitely are!

That’s it Fruit Bars are made with pure fruit only, and every pack is a concentrated serving of nutrients. Compared with a heaping serving of fresh fruits, you can ingest more fibre, vitamins, and minerals with one bar. 

How is that different from eating real fruit? For young children (and some adults), a lot. Tiny stomachs can only tolerate little food, and adding these to their diet can help ensure they get their daily fibre.

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A Nice find!

I was visiting an X market store and found these, After trying them I always include a few in my order! I love that they are fruit-based. They make excellent car snacks for when you are stuck in traffic.


Hi Kate, They're such an excellent snack indeed! We can't wait for you to try more snack bars. Thank you for stopping our store! Thanks for choosing PlantX! Stay Planted. Stay Curious. Stay Healthy. Best, Rochelle PlantX

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