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Brand - Two Bears

Two Bears - Mocha Flash Brew Coffee, 250ml

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Quick Description

Unleash this grizzly brew from Two Bears! This Mocha Flash Brew Coffee is a canned, nitrogen-infused brew with a smooth and creamy taste - without the cream!

Key Information

  • Canned Mocha Flash Brew Coffee
  • Nitrogen-infused and shelf-stable
  • With a smooth froth
  • Creamy without the cream!
  • Just 50 calories per can

Product Overview

What makes the Two Bears Mocha Flash Brew Coffee so good? Two things.

The first thing is that the Two Bears Mocha Flash Brew Coffee contains only good coffee and water - nothing else. 100% ethically-sourced Arabica coffee makes this brew tasty and gives it 155mg of caffeine. That’s equivalent to 1.5 cups of regular coffee!

The second thing that makes this Mocha Flash Brew Coffee from Two Bears so great is the science behind it.

By infusing this brew with nitrogen, Two Bears has managed to make this coffee creamy without the need for cream! It’s flash-brewed so that every bit of flavour of the coffee is extracted. It’s also flash-chilled to lock in all of that brewed flavour.


Water, Organic Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to refrigerate my cans of Two Bears Mocha Flash Brew Coffee?

If unopened, your cans of Mocha Flash Brew Coffee don’t need refrigeration! They’re totally shelf-stable. But, remember, your coffee will taste way better when served chilled or over ice!

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Two Bears - Mocha Flash Brew Coffee, 250ml
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