Vega - Chlorella, 300 Tablets

Vega - Chlorella, 300 Tablets
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Vega - Chlorella, 300 Tablets

Brand - Vega
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Quick Description

Buy Vega Chlorella Tablets and support your immune system today. With freshwater-grown chlorella, antioxidants, protein, vitamins & minerals.

Key Information

  • Freshwater-grown chlorella
  • High in vitamins A & D
  • Potassium & Beta Carotene
  • Protein & antioxidants
  • Up to 5-a-day

Product Overview

Chlorella is a microscopic nutrient-dense fresh-water green algae that is used for its potential to support immune function. Vega Chlorella Tablets have been formulated to bring you a powerful dose of Chlorophylle, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Chlorella may also support eye, skin, and mucus membrane health.


Chlorella Vulgaris (whole cell) 2,500 mg Protein 1,700 mg Iron 3.65 mg Beta carotene 3,000 mcg Vitamin A 250 mcg RAE Vitamin D 20 mcg Vitamin K 12.5 mcg, Tricalcium phosphate.