Wildbrine - Plant-Based Sour Cream, 241g


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Wildbrine - Plant-Based Sour Cream, 241g - front
Wildbrine - Plant-Based Sour Cream, 241g - nutrition facts
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Wildbrine - Plant-Based Sour Cream, 241g

Brand - Wildbrine
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Quick Description

Unlock the secret to magnificent Mexican feasts with Wildbrine’s Plant-Based Sour Cream. With this dairy-free sour cream, your dip game just levelled up. 

Key Information

  • Plant-based sour cream alternative
  • Made with cashews
  • Wild lactic acid culture
  • 0mg cholesterol
  • Non-GMO

Product Overview

It looks like sour cream... It tastes like sour cream… It gets your tummy rumbling like sour cream… But it’s plant-based? 

Yes, that’s right. Dreams do come true. The Wildbrine team has pulled it out of the bad with its Wildbrine Plant-Based Sour Cream, which tastes exactly like the real thing, only better. Why? Because it’s dairy-free.

Made from a crafty blend of cashews and coconut oil, Wildbrine has harnessed the power of pure plant-based genius with this dip that is guaranteed to get mouths watering. The perfect combination of tart flavour and luxurious creaminess, once you start dipping, it’s hard to stop. 

Oh, and it is also gluten-free and non-GMO. Basically, it’s got it all. The only thing missing? A big fat potato chip to dip in it.


Water, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Cashews, Tapioca Flour; Contains 2% Or Less Of: Oats, Chickpeas, Sea Salt, Cabbage, Lactobacillus Cultures, Cultured Dextrose.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconut, Cashews), Oats 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I serve with this Wildbrine Plant-Based Sour Cream? 

Just like any other dip, this Wildbrine Plant-Based Sour Cream is the perfect creamy dip to slather up your pitas, chips, veggies, and pretty much anything you can scoff! 

However, when it comes to plant-based sour cream, the fun doesn’t stop there. Without copious amounts of cheese, vegan Mexican food can sometimes feel a little lacklustre. Until now. Slathering this plant-based dip over your nachos, quesadillas, and burritos is guaranteed to spice up all your favourite dinners in all the right ways. Give it a go and see what we mean!