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Zazubean - Slinky Chocolate Bars

Multiple Flavours, 80g

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Quick Description

Zazubean’s Slinky Chocolate Bars are ethically-made, healthy, and crazy delicious! Indulgent rich chocolate with low or zero sugar, perfect for paleo diets.

Key Information

  • Fair-Trade Certified Chocolate
  • Paleo-Friendly
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free

Product Overview

The brainchild of Zazubean was born after an all-women’s cycling trip outside of British Columbia. Participants had brought their favourite chocolate bars to keep morale high, and a conversation ensued. Could a chocolate bar be ethical, healthy, and crazy delicious at the same time?

That's how Zazubean embarked on a mission to create a tasty, ethically-made chocolate bar that would tantalize the taste buds of choco fills while staying true to high-powered ingredients. Ta-Da! A few of the most irresistibly delicious and sustainably-made chocolate bars were born.

The cocoa harvesting industry is infamously riddled with the exploitative treatment of harvesters. At Zazubean, fair wages, traditional harvesting methods, and charity partnerships in the regions in which the beans are grown are absolutely paramount to their process.

Hardworking producers and growers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. Zazubean’s Fair For Life certification ensures that human rights are protected across the production line. Moreover, Zazubean partners with local projects in Indonesia and Peru, which purchase school supplies for children of the farmers Zazubean employs.

Slinky Nuts and Berries

Slinky Nuts and Berries has half the amount of sugar as a regular bar. Using stevia and coconut sugar, this creamy bar is a choco-dream packed with hazelnuts, almonds, blueberries, and raspberries.

Slinky Salted Almond

Slinky Salted Almond is a rich 70% dark with half the added sugar. Coconut sugar and erythritol replace traditional granulated refined sugar, and the bar is laced with vanilla pod, sea salad, and crunchy almonds for an irresistibly satisfying bar.

Slinky Creamy Hazelnut

Slinky Creamy Hazelnut is a 44% oat-based bar with absolutely 0% added sugar. Silky-soft and delightfully nutty, this bar is a serious stand-out for those who enjoy a smooth bar with a more subtle sweetness.

Slinky Dark Panama

Slinky Dark Panama is a super dark 85% chocolate with 0% added sugar. Rich and flavoursome, this chocolate is made for those who appreciate an unrefined, authentic cocoa experience.


Slinky NutsBerries: Ground cocoa beans*+, coconut sugar*+, inulin fibre*, hazelnuts*, cocoa butter*+, almonds*, blueberries*, raspberries*, stevia, vanilla pods*

Slinky Salted Almond: Ground cocoa beans*+, erythritol*, coconut sugar*+, cocoa butter*+, almonds*, sea salt, vanilla pods*+

Slinky Oat Hazelnut: Ground cocoa beans*+, cocoa butter*+,erythritol*,hazelnuts*,oat flour*, inulin fibre*+, vanilla pods*+, sea salt, stevia*

Slinky Dark Panama: Ground cocoa beans*+, cocoa butter*+,erythritol*,vanilla pods*+,sea salt, stevia*

*organic ingredient

+fair Trade certified ingredient

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat chocolate on a Keto/Paleo diet?

Hell yes, you can. Any diet that doesn’t have room for chocolate isn’t a diet worth trying! Dark, unsweetened chocolate is absolutely fine as part of a paleo or ketogenic diet. Try Slinky Salted Almond, Slinky Creamy Hazelnut, or Slinky Dark Panama as part of a full keto diet. For Paleo followers, try Slinky Nuts and Berries.

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