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We are constantly updating our platform with new blogs and stories about living a simple plant-based life. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or you’re a flexitarian, you can count on our news to guide you on this journey.

Top 5 Healthy Plant-Based Fats

Top 5 Healthy Plant-Based Fats An essential macronutrient or “macro”, fat has many important functions in the body, such as

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Professional athletes who swear by the plant-based lifestyle
May 14,2021

7 Vegan Athletes Who Swear By The Plant-Based Lifestyle

Aspiring athletes and physically active individuals might have probably heard that they need to eat meat for protein to have

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Pollinator Friendly Garden Plants
May 7,2021

Best Pollinator Friendly Garden Plants

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, coffee, chocolates, and anything that we consume from plants are all products of pollination—and it’s all huge

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Vitamins and minerals for a plant-based diet
April 30,2021

Key vitamins and minerals for plant-based dieters

When embarking on a vegetarian, vegan, or mainly a plant-based diet, there are certain adjustments you need to make—starting with

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How to care for alocasia polly
April 29,2021

How to Care for Alocasia Polly

Truly tropical, Alocasia Polly, also known as Elephant Ear, Polly African Mask, Amazon Taro, and Alocasia Amazonica Polly, is a

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What you need to know before a juice cleanse
April 20,2021

Juice Cleanse 101: What You Need To Know

Are you looking for a safe, healthy, and easy way to get that summer body? You may already be familiar

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Top 5 Protein sources to build lean muscle
April 15,2021

Top 5 Protein Sources to Build Lean Muscle

When it comes to building lean muscle, protein along with a solid exercise plan is the key to success. While

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Non-dairy milk substitutes
April 9,2021

8 Best Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes

We have previously discussed the difference between lactose-free and dairy-free on our last blog. Choosing non-dairy milk is a good

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Clean eating tips for dieters and vegans
April 7,2021

A Nutritionists Top Clean Eating Tips

Spring is in the air, and it’s a natural time to opt for a spring clean, so why not start

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March 30,2021

Plant-Based Milk Guide: Everything You Need To Know

With so many options for plant-based milk on the market, you might be wondering: “Which one  is the best one

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Beyond burger made with plant-based meat.
March 23,2021

What Is Plant-Based Meat, And Is It Healthy?

Even though plant-based meat has been gaining popularity it’s still somewhat surprising to hear about meat made of plants. Creating

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Vegan pantry staples such as legumes, whole wheat pasta, nuts, and seeds
March 19,2021

How To Build The Best Plant-Based Pantry

A well-stocked pantry is a secret weapon for making delicious plant-based meals at home. If you’re in a pinch, this

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Vegan wine with red and white grapes
March 16,2021

Is Wine Vegan?

Wines are made with fresh grape juice that is allowed to be fermented by yeast. The yeasts use the sugars

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March 12,2021

How To Get Enough Vitamin D On A Plant-Based Diet

Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is essential for good health. It is produced naturally by your body in

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Vegan cashew cheese
March 8,2021

What Is Vegan Cheese?

No one in this world doesn’t like cheese, and if there are, the number is most likely to be compared

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Vegan quinoa salad for post workout nutrition.
March 5,2021

Post Workout Meal Tips & Routine

A solid post-workout routine can really help you build and maintain muscle, minimize your recovery time, and allow you to

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Philodendron plant care guide.
March 2,2021

How To Care For Your Philodendron

Looking into adding some pop of color in your home or giving your workspace that refreshing jungle-like beauty ambiance? Well

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February 26,2021

How To Make Tofu Feta Cheese (Dairy-free, Vegan)

Who knew that tofu, could taste so much like traditional cheese! This recipe will capture the rich salty tangy taste

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Healthy snacks like apples, berries, orange slices and more are laid out on a table for an easy snacking options for kids.
February 23,2021

5 Healthy and Easy Food Swaps For Kids

If you’re someone who’s living with kids at home, you would probably monitor their activities as well as the food

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February 19,2021

How To Get Started With Meal Prep

Meal prep can sound intimidating at first, but it’s actually a fantastic way to save time and money if you

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February 16,2021

What Is Vegan Skincare?

Living the vegan lifestyle is more than changing your diet. Caring for the environment and animals transcends all aspects of

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February 12,2021

How To Make Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Packed with nutrients, these healthy cookies are great for a quick and convenient breakfast!  They are easy enough to prep

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February 11,2021

Can Plant-Based Dieting Help with Heart Health?

The concept of a plant-based diet has gained more traction in the last couple of years, but it isn’t an

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Cilantro, lime, and avocado are placed next to a jar of homemade avocado cilantro lime dressing.
February 5,2021

Dressing 101: Transform Your Salad With 3 Easy Recipes

How To Make A Home-Made Salad Dressing  A good dressing can transform a dish into something magical, plus it’s easy

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Closeup of the braided trunk of indoor money tree plant.
February 4,2021

Money Tree Plant Care: Bringing Health & Vitality To Your Home

The money tree, also known by its many names such as wild kapok tree, saba nut, pumpo, monguba, provision tree,

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Indoor houseplant Monstera Deliciosa sits on a white stool against a white background with the text "Monstera Deliciosa Care" overlayed.
January 29,2021

Monstera Deliciosa Care Guide

What’s in a name? For this popular houseplant, its name packs a punch and carries a lot of mysteries. Known

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Three delicious smoothies are shown as an example of how to build a nutritious smoothie.
January 28,2021

Smoothie 101: How to Build a Nutritious Smoothie

Starting the day off with a smoothie is a delicious and fun way to get a healthy dose of plant-based

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Lakanto brand monkfruit sweetener in a grocery store.
January 20,2021

Monk Fruit Sugar vs. Stevia: Which is better?

Natural sweeteners are becoming more popular as people search for healthier options to traditional sugar. Gone are the days of

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Mood boosting plants like aloe vera, english ivy, and more surround a work desk with cute and contemporary succulent and cacti planters alongside a note book and laptop.
January 15,2021

Top 5 Mood-Boosting Plants

The pandemic is far from over, leaving us quarantined in our respective homes longer than expected. This phenomenon has also

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Chart labeled Veganuary is surrounded by nutritious vegetables, herbs, and a red pencil that is used to mark the days followed in the plant based monthly eating challenge.
January 8,2021

What is Veganuary? The New Plant Based Monthly Challenge

As the New Year starts, it is accompanied by a new batch of New Year’s resolutions. While some of you

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Potted rosemary and mint are placed on a wooden table alongside gardening clippers, gardening gloves, a hand shovel, and a trowel.
January 5,2021

How To Remove Pests From Indoor Plants And Herbs

You may be a seasoned green thumb, a beginner plant parent, or a plant enthusiast who loves cultivating herbs, vegetables,

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Buddha bowl topped with avocado, cucumber, chickpeas, carrots, turnips, and spinach.
December 30,2020

Ultimate Guide To Making A Buddha Bowl

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but the complexity of making healthier dishes often put a damper on things. Poach instead

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Plant-based immune boosting ingredients like oranges, honey, cayenne, ginger, and more are displayed together
December 28,2020

Best Plant-Based Ingredients to Boost Your Immune System

The onset of winter solstice this past week marks the official start of yet another winter season, which means it’s

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December 23,2020

Holiday Recipes For The Plant-Based Lifestyle

The holidays are finally here and eaters of all types are gathering together under one roof (or multiple roofs if

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Jack Russel terrier is pictured next to several plant gifts wrapped and ready to be sent out for the holidays.
December 18,2020

Why Plant Gift Delivery Is Perfect for Every Occasion

It’s almost the end of the year, with Christmas arriving in only a few days and a New Year about

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Superfood duckweed floating on a pond.
December 15,2020

Is Duckweed the Newest Superfood?

Move over soybeans, there’s a new plant protein in town! Duckweed is a family of plants known as Lemnoideae, and

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Office desk is decorated with several air purifying plants such as Ficus, English Ivy, and Dracaena to help eliminate airborne pollutants indoors.
December 15,2020

Best Air Purifying Plants For The Home

Air pollution is currently the most significant environmental health risk on the planet, and it only worsens every minute.  If

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Fiddle Leaf fig and various ivy plants help decorate and purify the air in a modern home office space.
December 11,2020

Why You Need Plants In Your Work Place

People spend almost one-third of their time on their desk. Truth be told, an office workspace is the true “living”

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A houseplant gift ready for delivery.
December 3,2020


Find the best gift ideas for everyone on your list this year whether it’s for mom, dad, your grandparents, or

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Indoor houseplant is seperated down the middle by a visual of one side of the plant wilting and the other thriving.
December 1,2020

Five Signs You’ve Been Overwatering Your Plant

Do your plants keep dying despite your constant care and attention? If you’re a beginner plant parent and find that

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November 19,2020

Have Mid-Day Squares Reinvented the Chocolate Bar? 

Chocolate bars can be one of life’s greatest indulgences. But all too often, that’s all they are — indulgence! In

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Frozen tomatoes, peas, and carrots are piled next to each other.
November 16,2020

Fresh vs. Frozen: Pros and Cons of Eating Frozen Fruits and Veggies

More plant-based and vegetarian food options are becoming commercially available in your average grocery store and market. As dietary lifestyles

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October 27,2020

Top 5 Pantry Staples For Your Plant-Based Diet

  Whether you’re new to a plant-based lifestyle or just getting started, stocking up your pantry with the essentials can

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October 22,2020

Guide to Plant-Based Keto

If you’re someone who follows food, wellness, or dietary trends, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the keto diet. You may

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Thanksgiving dinner table set with healthy and delicious plant-based recipes that the whole family will enjoy like pumpkin pie and butternut squash.
October 20,2020

Making The Ultimate Plant-Based Thanksgiving Feast

As more and more people are opting out of eating meat and animal products this year, your Thanksgiving menu is

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October 20,2020

Indoor Cactus Care Guide

  Some of you might prickle at the thought of keeping a spiny plant in your home, but despite these

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October 15,2020

Cauliflower Wings Three-Ways Recipe

Whether you’re getting your family together to watch the big game, looking for an easy potluck meal, or just hanging

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October 13,2020

Does Playing Music Affect Plant Growth?

When researching plant care online, have you ever come across the claim that plants thrive better when exposed to music?

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October 8,2020

Plant Based Protein Vs. Whey Protein

For fitness enthusiasts, protein is paramount. Plant-based or not, protein is required to build muscle, and without it, you won’t

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October 6,2020

Make Breakfast Less Boring With Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes

Not all of us are blessed with that “morning person” energy, but getting up in the morning and starting your

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October 1,2020

How To Get Calcium On a Plant-Based Diet

When the average North American thinks of calcium, the first thing that comes to mind is milk. Milk and dairy

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Cauliflower prepared as vegan buffalo wings.
September 15,2020

Our Favorite Plant-Based Big Game Recipes

Caprese Pinwheels   Sun-dried tomato and basil pinwheels is our first recipe, and it’s perfect for when the weather is

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Plant-based chocolate peanut butter cups are stacked on top of each other on an orange background.
September 10,2020

Kid-Friendly Plant-Based Desserts For National Peanut Day!

Cooking with kids and helping show them healthy eating habits by preparing nutritious plant-based meals together can be an incredibly

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September 8,2020

5 Reasons Why Having Indoor Plants in Your Life Make You Feel Better

Have you noticed that more and more people are growing plants indoors? Even before the pandemic (which undoubtedly has been

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A woman pruning a rose plant.
September 3,2020

How To Trim Your Plants

Have you found the perfect houseplants but now find yourself drowning in leaves, vines, and new growth? This week we’re

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Almond butter and chocolate pots de creme are topped with fresh raspberries, mint, and powder sugar for an easy to make plant-based treat.
September 1,2020

Sweet and Savory Recipes For Nut Butter

Are you looking to get more use out of your plant-based nut butter than using them to top toast every

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Pothos and other easy to care for plants.
August 27,2020

Houseplants For Gardeners Without A Green Thumb

Some people seem to have all the gardening luck; everyone knows someone whose plants seem to grow vigorously and healthily

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Avocado oil healthy fats.
August 25,2020

Healthy Fats And What They Can Do For Your Diet

Despite their reputation, dietary fats are just as necessary in the human diet as protein and carbohydrates. Throughout the years,

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Opened oysters are placed on a platter with lemon and a glass of wine.
August 20,2020

Are Oysters Vegan?

The answer to the question may seem simple, but there are a surprising amount of arguments about the vegan or

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Vegan cheese made with soy, nuts, or coconut.
August 18,2020

Vegan Cheese: What Is It Made Of?

Vegan cheese developed a bit of a notorious reputation during the late 20th century, as vegan lifestyles gained popularity in

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Gluten-free and plant-based, this Italian pasta salad recipe is made using Annie's Italian Salad Dressing and is the perfect addition to a potluck.
August 13,2020

Gluten-Free Plant-Based Pasta Recipes

Looking to try something new for pasta night? PlantX is bringing you some of our favorite plant-based pasta recipes made

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A raw food diet salad with avocado, radishes, and tomatoes.
August 6,2020

What Are Raw Foods?

Finding yourself getting tired of all the preparation required to prepare and cook ingredients to make a meal? Then read

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Toasted rice paper vegan bacon is used as a topping on a delicious plant based burger with a pretzel bun.
August 6,2020

Making The Best Vegan Bacon Recipe

If you’re living plant-based and have been craving the sweet and savory taste of bacon then have no fear, PlantX

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Varieties of beans and peas, plant based protein.
August 4,2020

Is Plant-Based Protein Better?

One of the more common questions you’re asked when friends and family learn that you’ve switched to a plant-based diet

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Elegant white home decor is accented with indoor potted plants and trees for a fresh and lively living room decor.
July 30,2020

Decorate With Plants

Bringing the green from your garden into your home with potted plants can be a unique and exciting way to

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Fluffy vegan sweet potato pancakes are a delicious gluten-free breakfast option for those with a plant-based diet.
July 30,2020

Gluten-Free Recipes For a Plant Based Kitchen

About every 1 in 141 people in the United States has Celiac disease and have no choice but to avoid

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A woman taking care of her plants.
July 29,2020

PlantX Plant Care Guide

At PlantX, we love to hear that more and more people are becoming plant parents. To encourage more of you

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Herbs growing easily in a kitchen.
July 28,2020

Easy-To-Grow Herbs For Your Spice Cabinet

Many home cooks know the pain of buying a bunch of parsley, cilantro, or basil at the grocery store for

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July 23,2020

3 Easy DIY Plant Based Meal Prep Recipes

Easy Vegan Meal Prep Recipes Feeling like you never have enough time in the day to cook? Or are you

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Superfoods laid out on a table.
July 21,2020

Superfood Meal Delivery Service

Sometimes, food is more than just food. Sure, almost everything we eat has at least some nutritional value. Even the

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Transplanting a snake plant into a new pot in your apartment can help bring new life into the room.
July 15,2020

Best Low Light Indoor Plants For Your Apartment

When it comes to moving into an apartment there’s a lot to think about, whether its the size, the price,

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green onions and sweet potatoes regrowing on a windowsill
July 13,2020

Regrow Vegetables on Your Windowsill

Living a plant-based lifestyle is a great way to feel better about your environmental impact. Animal products are considered to

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Eggs, nuts, berries, avocado, and salmon are spread on a platter showcasing the various ingredients that can be used in a healthy flexitarian diet.
July 8,2020

Flexitarians, Vegans, and Plant-Based Diets

What is The Flexitarian Diet?  You may have heard the term flexitarian thrown around online or by friends, but just

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Delicious vegan banana oat muffins.
July 5,2020

Plant Based Baking Substitutions: Replacing Butter, Eggs, and Flour in Your Favorite Recipes!

Baking can be one of the most rewarding activities that you can do in your free time, but if you’re

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A delicious plant-based burger.
June 29,2020

Plant-Based Meat Breakdown: Beyond, Impossible, and Others!

While many vegans, vegetarians, and other plant-based people are perfectly happy to live without meat, at PlantX we know that

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Vegan buddha bowl with pea shoots, grilled tofu, chickpeas, and dragon fruit is served next to a platter of chopped vegetables.
June 24,2020

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy?

As plant-based diets are becoming more mainstream with people cutting out animal products for health, ethical, and environmental reasons, would-be

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Nutritious chickpea salad with arugula, pomegranate, and sliced nuts on a grey plate.
June 22,2020

Best Plant Protein Sources You May Not Have Thought Of

Many people worry about getting enough protein in their diets when it comes to going plant-based. Don’t let that stop

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black bean burgers on a cutting board
June 17,2020

Vegetarian Black Bean Burger Recipe

The coming of summer means a lot of different things to different people; beach days, camping, summer blockbuster films, and

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Grilled seitan and mixed vegetables.
June 15,2020

Plant-Based Meat, What Is It?

At PlantX, we know that even some of the most dedicated vegetarians or vegans find themselves missing what they were

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Healthy watermelon pizza topped with coconut yogurt, strawberries, and raspberries on a red plate.
June 10,2020

Kid-Friendly Vegan Snacks and Recipes

It can be challenging putting together meals for your kids now that they’re home more often for the summer. Figuring

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vegetarian farm with sprinklers.
June 8,2020

Vegetarian Diets and the Environment

Vegetarian Diets and the Environment There are a lot of reasons why people choose to live vegetarian or plant-based lifestyles.

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Carrots, onions, and celery are placed in a pot ready to become a delicious vegetable stock.
June 3,2020

Making a Flavorful Vegetable Stock For Easy Meals

When it comes to cooking, having a flavorful stock in your arsenal makes a world of difference when it comes

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Watermelon pizza with delicious healthy fruit toppings for kids.
June 1,2020

Vegetarian Living For Families

Feeding your family is a daily task that can be one of the most rewarding parts of your day, but

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A delicious vegan bowl.
May 27,2020

Is Being Vegan Expensive?

More likely than not, you’ve heard people say the phrase, “Only rich people can be vegan” or “being vegan is

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Woman holding delicious buddha bowl and green juice, ready to start their plant-based journey.
May 25,2020

Beginner’s Guide to a Plant-Based Diet

If you’ve found yourself thinking about your health and are curious about switching to a plant-based diet, you’ve certainly come

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Delivering nutritious plant-based meals straight to your door with PlantX and Modern Meat.
May 20,2020

Are Vegan Meal Delivery Services Worth The Money?

With the current state of the world, many people have found themselves with a lot more time at home to

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Delicious vegan protein sources like chickpeas, kidney beans, tofu, and broccoli plated together.
May 18,2020

How To Get Protein As a Vegan : Top Vegan Protein Sources

Transitioning to a plant-based diet can do wonders for your health. Still, a crucial part of transitioning to being vegan

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Delicious vegan burger topped with sweet and spicy carrot bacon.
May 13,2020

Sweet and Spicy Carrot Bacon Recipe

If you haven’t heard about this latest vegan recipe craze, then you are missing out on a delicious snack and

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Variety of healthy fruits, nuts, and vegetables to power your immune system.
May 5,2020

Plant-Based Power For A Healthy Immune System

In these uncertain times, we may find it harder to stay on top of our routines. Making sure to eat

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April 23,2020

Vegan Kimchi: A Beginners Guide To Fermenting Cabbage!

Vegan Kimchi: A Beginners Guide To Fermenting Cabbage! Whether it was accidental or intentional, if no one left out the

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healthy glass of oat milk alternative
April 16,2020

Done with Dairy! Why You Should Skip Out On Milk

Drinking milk every day has been a staple in many people’s diets for many years. But nowadays there have been

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tofu block sliced on a cutting board.
April 9,2020

Tofu: Why It’s Better Than Meat And How To Make It Yourself

Many vegans hear about how eating tofu is just as bad for the environment as eating meat because of the

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vegan quinoa plant based
April 2,2020

What Is The Difference Between Vegan And Plant-Based?

Although the word “vegan” has made its way into modern society’s vocabulary, the phrase “plant-based” is still confusing for some.

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February 17,2020

Let’s Save The Planet

Let’s Save The Planet This beautiful planet which we call home has a beautiful balance of life, in perfect sync

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January 17,2020

Planning to go vegan? Here is all you need to start

Vegan, vegan, vegan! A new trend, a new buzzword, a new hashtag! Well, it is definitely not just these, it

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January 16,2020

Is Honey Vegan?

Not too many years ago, veganism was a term associated only with a small group – such as the hippies

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