Top 5 Mood-Boosting Plants

Top 5 Mood-Boosting Plants

The pandemic is far from over, leaving us quarantined in our respective homes longer than expected. This phenomenon has also created a boom for plant-parenting as experienced and new plant owners begin to grow their indoor oasis and bring a sense of calm, peace, and structure to their days. Caring for indoor plants has helped many feel a sense of routine, which allows one to feel more relaxed and less stressed in a period of time with many stress factors. Instead of placing random knickknacks, decorate your home with plants. Tropical plants, low-light plants, and air-purifying plants all help to create less visual clutter in your room and accumulate less dust. Many indoor plants are natural air purifiers and can help to elevate and brighten any corner of your home. What’s more, some plants are scientifically proven to help with stress and anxiety.  To make the most out of your newly found green thumb, the writers at PlantX have created a list of the top 5 mood-boosting plants that are perfect for helping to elevate your mood, promote wellness, relaxation, and more.

Best Mood-Boosting Plants For The Home

Aloe vera in a contemporary white and black white is placed on a window sill to help boost the plant owners mood.
  • Aloe vera

Not just for healing wounds, Aloes can also impact our respiratory system and mental health. Aloe vera are the perfect indoor plant as they require minimal care and can withstand periods of drought while also tolerating low-light plant conditions. Place your Aloe near your bed to improve your night’s sleep and to have a natural purifier all night long.  
  • Lavender

There’s a reason why lavender is always the number one choice of scent for candles and bath salts. For thousands of years, these pretty blossoms have been used to relieve headaches, prevent insomnia, calm the nerves, or even help in depression.  The lavender’s scent also lowers pulse rates and help people perform better in stressful situations. Whenever you feel anxious or find it hard to focus, make sure to strategically place your lavender plant near you.   
  • Basil

Sure it tastes great with pizzas and pasta, but do you know that your Basil plant can improve your mood, too? The plant is rich in linalool, a compound that gives Basil its woodsy scent. This will give your home a cozy cottage feel.  The plant also effectively pumps out oxygen that can lower your blood pressure, improve your mood, and alleviate your stress.   
  • English Ivy

Romantic, elegant, and helps to promote relaxation. What more can you ask for in a houseplant? The delicate vine of the English Ivy is considered to be one of the best air-filtering plants, according to NASA. It can help remove common airborne toxins as well as clear the air of carcinogens like smog or cigarette smoke. In your home workspace, this plant decreases stress level, making your healthier both physiologically and psychologically.   
  • Geraniums

The vibrant blooms are enough to relieve someone of stress, but did you know that the geranium’s scent, similar to roses’ can promote calmness? Scientists have found that inhaled geranium essential oil has a calming effect on women in labor. What’s more, it can alleviate the stress associated with the first stage of labor.  The plant essential oil is also proven to promote relaxation, alleviate depressive mood, and reduce stress.    We can’t be free from the stresses of everyday life, but you need not look beyond your home to relax and find calm. With these mood-boosting plants, you can improve your mental health while making your space brighter and cozier.