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Louisville Vegan Jerky - Maple Bacon, 3 Oz
Louisville Vegan Jerky Maple Bacon is a deliciously salty-sweet vegan jerky with the flavor of a home-cooked breakfast. Textured soy protein, tamari soy sauce, real maple syrup, and natural smoke flavor give this jerky a great taste and 18 grams...
Unisoy - Vegan Black Pepper Jerky, 3.5 Oz
No meat! No joke! Crushed Black Pepper Jerky is the perfect midday snack with a little kick! Unisoy Vegan Jerky retains enough moisture for flavor, while maintaining the true jerky texture. Ingredients: Textured Vegetable Protein (Non-GMO Isolated Soy Protein, Non-GMO...
Louisville Vegan Jerky - Smoky Carolina Bbq, 3 Oz
Powered by plants, Lousvilla Vegan Jerky is made the way most jerky is made -- by hand, in small batches, and sourced from delicious and fresh Kentucky ingredients. Loaded with plant-based protein and fiver, this jerky is gluten-free and vegan...
Eat the Change – Teriyaki Ginger Mushroom Jerky, 2 oz
A savory snack that celebrates the incredible variety of flavors adn ingredients the earth has to offer. Eat the Change Teriyaki Ginger Mushroom Jerky combines the classic tastes of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and umami of plant-based flavors. Eat the Change...
C$5.79 C$4.89
Primal Strips – Jerky Strips – Soya Hickory Smoke, 1 oz
A great plant-based protein snack all the time with Primal Strips Jerky Strips - Soya Hickory Smoke. It’s meaty, juicy, delicious, and hickory smoked flavored without the guilt of meat. Get the full meaty satisfaction at home or on-the-go by...
Primal Strips – Jerky Strips – Soya Texas BBQ, 1 oz
Enjoy the classic flavor of Texas barbecue with soya in this pack of Primal Strips Jerky Strips - Soya Texas BBQ. It’s sustainably sourced and cruelty free, but you also get its best tasting and best textured plant-based meaty snack....
C$1.99 C$1.20
Urban Accents – Meatless Mix Korean BBQ, 3.6 oz
Fill your appetite with a healthy, out-of-the-ordinary meatless meal using Urban Accents Korean BBQ Meatless Mix. Inspired by the sweet and savory umami flavors of Korean BBQ, this plant-based mix is made from ground vegetable protein seasoned with garlic, onion,...
Eat the Change – Hickory Smokehouse Mushroom Jerky, 2 oz
Eat the Change Mushroom Jerky enhances the taste of traditional bbq with natural deep and complex flavors that can only come from low, slow, and mindful cooking. Eat the Change took this snack up a notch with a touch of...
C$5.79 C$4.89
Primal Strips – Jerky Strips – Seitan Teriyaki, 1 oz
Switch to a new great protein snack with Primal Strips Jerky Strips - Seitan Teriyaki. It’s juicy, meaty, teriyaki flavored plant-based jerky. With no MSG added, conveniently bring this easy snack on-the-go for that quick snacking or enjoy it any...
Primal Strips – Jerky Strips – Shitake Hot & Spicy, 1 oz
It’s the premium shiitake mushroom jerky option in this pack of Primal Strips Jerky Strips - Shitake Hot & Spicy. Voted best plant-based snack by PETA and VegNews, it’s best tasting and with the best texture that also comes with...
Loma Linda - Plant-Based Tuno in Spring Water
Missing the undeniable satisfaction of the classic tuna sandwich? Some clever humans have now created the remedy to your vegan desires. Key Information Plastic-Free Palm Oil Free Ocean-Safe Low Fat Low Sugar No artificial preservatives or flavours Contains soya Product...
Eat the Change – Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Mushroom Jerky, 2 oz
Bold and zesty, Eat the Change Mushroom Jerky Seasalt + Cracked Pepper takes the traditional jerky to a whole new level. Flavored with the simplest ingredients — coarsely ground salt and black pepper — this is the perfect on-the-go snack....
C$5.79 C$4.89
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