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BBQ Essentials Collection

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Let's get Grilling! Sit back and enjoy the sun, we’ve got you covered. This complete BBQ Essentials Box is all you need for a perfect grill feast.

What’s Included?

Bundle Overview

Everybody loves a BBQ, what’s better when the sun is shining than to gather friends and family and share the enjoyment of a big grill! Make the most out of your summer, there’s no need to run around shopping to pick up all those last-minute ingredients. Get out in the sunshine, we have you covered with this all-you-need bundle, the BBQ Essential Gift Box. Sit back and relax and pour yourself an ice-cold beverage, let us do the work! The BBQ Essential Gift Box has everything you need for a mouth-watering plant-based BBQ. Its content has been hand-picked to deliver you the ultimate vegan BBQ. It’s the perfect gift to bring to a party with vegan eaters, or for those long days on the beach or to enjoy sitting around the campfire at your favorite spot surrounded by nature. BBQs don’t have to be meat-heavy, this BBQ essentials box offers a great tasting, flavor-packed, healthy alternative to meat, with a range of vegan products. You won’t even notice the difference!

Bundle Breakdown

Let’s talk about what’s in the box. When it comes to a grill the first thing everyone thinks about is the meat, the centerpiece, the holy grail of the grill. How will we give you the same mouth-watering, flavorsome experience but with a healthy alternative? Beyond Meat’s Plant-based burger patties will have your guests shocked, with all the flavor and juiciness of meat no one will notice! Some things are made to be grilled... We can’t have a BBQ without sausages and watching those sizzle on the grill is one of those summer highlight memories. Slap on some Veven Ched cheese slice melts to your burger - you know it isn’t complete without it! Field Roast Italian Sausage packs all that juicy sizzle you need in a sausage. These are seasoned to perfection with mouthwatering garlic and fennel notes, which offer you a herby punch. In all of this, you may think something is missing, and you’re right! What about the sauces? No BBQ is complete without condiments. Here we offer you the complete trio. Ketchup. Mustard. BBQ. Annie’s Homegrown Organic Yellow Mustard paired with Fody Food Co Ketchup is the perfect combination to add that all desired flavor to your sausages. This is an organic alternative that gives you all the great flavor without any need for synthetic and unnatural colors and flavors. Good Food For Good’s Bbq Sauce Classic is sugar-free and naturally sweetened from dates.

Is BBQ Ash Compostable?

Although BBQ ash won’t break down / compost so don’t add it to your compost bin! But it can still be added to your soil, sprinkle a light layer directly onto the soil which adds carbon and other minerals to help your plants grow.

Please Note: Products in the Basket are subject to replacements. If you have any allergies, please leave a note in the note section at checkout.

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BBQ Essentials Collection
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