BBQ Collection

BBQ Collection

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Quick Description

Enter the BBQ season with the BBQ Gift Box or expect a serious GRILLING! All the BBQ essentials in one beautiful box. Zero Stress, Max Fun. Grab yours now!

What’s Included?

Bundle Overview

We all love a BBQ when it comes to the Summer months. Unfortunately, they are so often associated with consuming lots of meat! We are trying to show you how you can enjoy a BBQ responsibly, sustainably, and in a plant-loving way. That’s why we’ve created the BBQ Box Bundle. The BBQ Box Bundle makes for the perfect vegan gift to bring if you are invited out to a big roast. It’s also perfect for you if you’ve invited some friends around and haven’t gotten round to preparing what you’re going to provide. We’ve truly thought of everything. From Chips, Dips, and Salsa to Ketchup and Mustard, we’ve got you covered.

Bundle Breakdown

Let us break it down for you. We started by chucking in the sauces as they’re arguably the most important. Next, we threw in some sparkling lemon water cans to quench your thirsty souls. Obviously, whilst the barbecue is warming up, people may get a little bit peckish. So now it’s time for the chip and dip. Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Mild Salsa to go with it. After that, we went ham in the “meat” section. Remember, it’s all vegan, of course! We’ve got sausages, burgers and pork rinds as well as some delicious cheddar slices to melt on top. To wrap things up, we forked out some crunch chocolate chip cookies to enjoy for dessert. Now that that’s been taken care of, you just look after your guests and bring the good vibes!

What Kind of Grill Is Better for the Environment?

There has often been debate as to which grilling method is most environmentally friendly. Obviously, some of you may have an electric barbecue, but these are less popular and many don’t consider them to be authentic barbecuing. The real contest is between gas and charcoal. Both fuels have a different effect on the environment. There is no denying that burning charcoal is worse for your health and the environment. Gas produces far fewer emissions than charcoal when burned, however, it is still non-renewable so should be used sparingly!

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