Bioitalia - Organic Butter Beans, 398ml

Bioitalia - Organic Butter Beans, 398ml

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Bioitalia’s Butter Beans are versatile, full of fibre and protein, and have a creamy texture despite being low in fat. They are a kitchen cupboard must-have!

Key Information

  • Organic
  • No Added Salt
  • Ready to eat
  • Great source of fibre
  • 4.7g protein per 100g

Product Overview

Bioitalia’s Butter Beans get their name from their rich buttery flavour, and they have a velvety texture to match. With 4.7g protein, 4.2g fibre, 2.4mg iron and just 0.5g fat per 100g, these are a really nutritious staple to add to any recipe. The delicious Butter Beans come ready cooked with no added salt or preservatives, so they’re ready for use as soon as you’ve drained them!

These beans are great in soups, casseroles, salads and more, and their creamy taste stands up especially well to more acidic ingredients such as tomatoes and lemon. The buttery richness of these beans also makes any dish they are added to seem more indulgent, with very little fat actually added.

We would recommend trying these in a savoury crumble (yes, really!) with leeks and roasted squash in the colder months, or in a tangy tomato salad with courgette and red onion in the summer, but the possibilities really are endless.


Organic butter beans, water

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the story behind Bioitalia?

Bioitalia started out in 1950 when the founder, Giustino Di Costanzo, began selling bulk oils from his truck on the slopes of Vesuvius. In 1970 he and his five children expanded the business by becoming a wholesaler for a few small supermarkets, and ten years later they set up their own oil mill and bottling company.

In 1994 they formed a consortium with other like-minded producers to make organic foods available for everybody, and the company has expanded from there! Most recently, it even started branching out into the restaurant business with a chain of ‘BIO’ restaurants in Europe.