Eden Foods - Organic Canned Beans, 398ml

Eden Foods - Organic Canned Beans, 398ml

Brand - Eden Foods
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Quick Description

Packed with essential nutrients, Eden Foods Organic Canned Beans are delicious, nourishing and satisfying - a wonderful addition to any plant-based diet. 

Key Information

  • Organic canned beans in Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans & Butter Bean varieties.
  • Very low in sodium - seasoned with kombu seaweed
  • Great source of fibre and low in fat
  • BPA, BPS & phthalate-free recyclable packaging
  • Sustainable USA-grown beans 

Product Overview

The oldest natural foods company in the USA, Eden Foods offers a fantastic range of low-fat, nutrient-dense Organic Canned Beans that are delicious, versatile and convenient. Cooked and ready to eat, these beans are prepared the simple, natural way you would cook dried beans at home, but save you the hours of bubbling on the stove.

Eden Foods Organic Canned Beans are absolutely free from harmful chemicals. They are patiently soaked overnight (an unheard-of step in commercial canning) and pressure cooked at Eden’s certified organic and kosher cannery. They are packaged in recyclable cans free from BPA, BPS and phthalate. 

Grown on organic family farms in the USA, Eden Foods Organic Canned Beans provide a super-sustainable source of protein. Better for you and better for the planet, they are 100% free from GMOs and grown using environmentally-friendly methods.

Eden Foods is dedicated to helping to safeguard national farming sovereignty and conserve precious natural resources. 

Black Beans

Creamy, subtly sweet and super versatile, these antioxidant-rich black turtle beans are perfect for all your favourite Mexican dishes. Black beans are a great source of fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and essential phytonutrients. 

Please note that as these beans are free from harmful additives, they may appear lighter in colour than non-organic black beans. Expect a dark reddish-purple colour, rather than pure black. 

Garbanzo Beans

These plump, golden and flavourful beans are a staple of Middle Eastern, Indian and Italian cooking. Versatile, nourishing and delicious, these heart-healthy beans are rich in fibre, protein, potassium, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium. 

As Eden Foods’ Garbanzo Beans contain no chemical additives, the bean cooking water is a fantastic source of aquafaba - an egg replacement ideal for meringues and other vegan desserts. 

Kidney Beans

Perfect for soups, stews, dips or a chilli, these kidney beans have a mellow flavour and satisfying bite. Low in fat and high in protein, fibre and other essential nutrients, these deep red beans are a nourishing store cupboard essential. 

Pinto Beans

Rosy-pink in colour with a mildly sweet taste and creamy texture, Pinto beans are the most popular bean in America. A staple of Mexican cooking, these all-purpose beans are great in soups and stews or mashed and refried. Pinto beans are low in fat and rich in fibre, protein and beneficial antioxidants. 

Butter Beans

Also known as baby lima beans, these butter beans have a smooth, mellow and buttery flavour. They make a delicious side dish by themselves or are perfect for stews, soups, salads, dips or spreads. Butter beans are full of fibre, protein, iron and zinc and magnesium. 


Black Beans: Organic Black Turtle Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed.

Garbanzo Beans: Organic Garbanzo Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed.

Kidney Beans: Organic Kidney Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed.

Pinto Beans: Organic Pinto Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed.

Butter Beans: Organic Butter Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Eden Foods Organic Canned Beans seasoned with kombu?

Eden Foods Organic Canned Beans are naturally seasoned with kombu seaweed (also known as kelp). This means they are free from added sodium, but still contain a little umami to bring out those delicious natural flavours.

Adding kombu seaweed improves the taste, digestibility and nutrition of the beans. Plus, kombu is one of the best sources of iodine on the planet. Based on a third party analysis, the kombu in Eden Foods Organic Canned Beans delivers around 48.4 mcg of iodine per serving, or 32% of your daily recommended iodine intake. 

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