Frontier Co-op - Organic Ground Paprika, 36g

Frontier Co-op - Organic Ground Paprika, 36g- Pantry 1
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Frontier Co-op - Organic Ground Paprika, 36g

Brand - Frontier Co-op
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Quick Description

Transform your savoury dishes with a sweet and spicy kick from Frontier Co-op's 100% organic ground paprika. 

Key Information

  • Made from 100% Organic Peppers
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • No nasty additives or chemicals used during growing or processing
  • Non-GMO certified
  • Add to dishes for warmth and colour

Product Overview

Who knew one little spice had such power? Co-op Frontier’s Ground Paprika (or Capsicum Annum if we're being fancy) is one of the most versatile spices there is! Made from dried and crushed organic sweet pimento peppers. You can add to most savoury dishes for warmth and colour without the intense heat associated with chilli peppers. 

Frontier Co-op grows, harvests and processes its 100% organic peppers without pesticides or other nasty added chemicals in Israel, Spain and Peru. A member-owned co-operative since 1976, Frontier takes pride in growing and harvesting its spices in a sustainable way that supports people and the planet. They are committed to the health and well-being of their growers, and the land their crops are grown on. You can consume this bold, sweet spice with a happy conscience! 

Storage: For the best flavour, keep in a cool, dry place and consume by best before date.


100% Ground Paprika 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Frontier Co-op's Paprika to make my dishes taste amazing?

Knock up a fabulous vegan Hungarian goulash with generous amounts of this spice. Sauté onions, peppers and garlic until softened. Add the amount of desired paprika (we’d recommend 1-3 tablespoons), tomato sauce and potatoes. Simmer until all the veggies are cooked. Season with a little more paprika and salt before serving. 

We’d also recommend adding to any other soup or winter stew for a sweet but warming heat that won’t set your mouth on fire! Its flavour works particularly well in tomato-based sauces, but don't hesitate to add to a creamy soup for a little extra zing.