Frontier Co-op - Organic Sage Leaf, Rubbed, 11g

Frontier Co-op - Organic Sage Leaf, Rubbed, 11g

Brand - Frontier Co-op
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Quick Description

Enjoy the Organic Sage Leaves from Frontier Co-op. Guaranteed to heighten the flavour of any dish. 

Key Information

  • 100% Organic Sage leaves
  • Non-GMO
  • Naturally Gluten-free
  • Not irradiated 
  • Kosher certified by KSA 

Product Overview

Originating in the Mediterranean the aromatic herb, Salvia officinalis or sage, was once celebrated for its medicinal qualities - due to its unusually high number of nutrients and antioxidants. Now, however, sage is most commonly used to add that extra punch of flavour to a variety of dishes around the globe.

Frontier Co-op guarantees a 100% Organic herb that does not compromise on taste or quality. This fresh herb bundle achieves that irresistible and unique earthy warmth of a fresh sage leaf that is so hard to beat. 

Known for its distinctive fuzzy leaf, this Organic Sage leaf from Frontier Co-op has already been rubbed to guarantee maximum flavour when incorporated into your cooking.


100% Organic Sage Leaf, Rubbed

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use sage leaves in vegan cooking?

With subtle aromatic tones of mint, lemon and eucalyptus this versatile herb can be used for more than just Christmas stuffing. 

In Italy sage is often added to enhance the flavour of tomato sauces as well as creamy pasta dishes. Conversely, the French enjoy loading sausages and burgers with the herb alongside a bunch of fresh parsley - why not give sage a go when whipping up your next batch of vegan burgers?

A chef’s rule of thumb - add sage early in the cooking process in order to mellow aroma and flavour so as not to overpower the dish.