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Genuine Tea - Organic Elderberry Hibiscus, 15 Bags

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Quick Description

This immune fortifying Organic Elderberry Hibiscus tea is refreshing and delicious. An essential addition to your tea cupboard.

Key Information

  • Immune fortifying
  • Rich natural flavours
  • Grown in the Nile Delta
  • Organic

Product Overview

Genuine Tea’s Organic Elderberry Hibiscus is a versatile tea packed full of flavour.

Using hibiscus flowers grown in Egypt’s ancient Nile Delta, and elderberries (said to fortify the immune system), you can enjoy this Organic Elderberry Hibiscus tea any time, any place.

The hibiscus flowers transform this tea into a deep rich red colour, and pack a sweet punch. It’s a hugely refreshing tea-drinking experience. Try it with a slice of lemon for some extra zing.

And if you really want to mix it up, why not try this Organic Elderberry Hibiscus tea cold? Just shake it over ice, then kick back and enjoy that long summer day.


Hibiscus*, Elderberries*, Currants*, Natural Flavours*
*Organic Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Genuine Tea use plant-based tea bags?

Well did you know that so many tea bags out there are packed full of plastic? Even those ‘silky’ tea bags are often made from plastic threading. As we now know, so much of our plastic waste ends up in our oceans so buying plastic tea bags is bad news for our turtle friends.

But. Not only is it terrible for our environment, it’s terrible for us too.

When heated to a high temperature these plastics can break down. So that means when you pour boiling water onto your teabag you can be introducing microplastics to your brew. This Genuine Tea Organic Elderberry Hibiscus tea keeps it natural. So the only thing you’ll be enjoying is the flavour.

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Genuine Tea - Organic Elderberry Hibiscus, 15 Bags
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