Jordans - Muesli Assorted Flavours, 450g

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Jordans - 4 Nut Medley Muesli - Front
Jordans - Organic Muesli - Nutrition Facts
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Jordans - Muesli Assorted Flavours, 450g

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Start your mornings right with Jordans Muesli! Treat yourself to two delicious blends of whole grain oats, roasted nuts and seeds, and sweet fruit.

Key Information

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No preservatives added sugar
  • Delicious blends of fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Great source of essential minerals
  • High in fibre

Product Overview

Each bowl of Jordans delicious Muesli is sure to set you up for a productive day! Jordans Mueslis are delicious blends of classic grains, nuts, seeds and fruits, each with its own incredible nutritional benefits.

Each box of muesli is an excellent source of fibre, essential for healthy body functioning. The ingredients are simple, yet flavoursome, with wholesome whole-grain cereal flakes, a multitude of crunchy nuts and juicy raisins.

These mueslis are perfect for anyone with a dairy or egg intolerance, making them a tasty treat for all. Sourced from the best and most natural ingredients, there are absolutely no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or added sugars. Feel good about serving these mueslis to the whole family!

Organic Muesli

Jordans Organic Muesli contains a delectable blend of organic whole grain flakes, with 35% of crunchy nuts, seeds and sweet fruits. This traditional muesli is highly fibrous and is an excellent source of 4 essential minerals, to support your immune system, as well as provide you with adequate energy for the whole day. With no added sugar and no additional preservatives, you can feel certain that a hearty bowl of organic muesli will be not only satisfying but also healthy.

4 Nut Medley Muesli

Go nutty for this 4 Nut Medley Muesli! Containing a crunchy and distinct blend of four chunky nuts; brazil nuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts, this muesli is a great source of healthy fats. Made from 100% natural and simple ingredients, this muesli contains 39% of a combination of fruits, nuts and seeds, which complement each other to create a delicious tasting breakfast.


Organic Muesli
Whole grain wheat flakes*, Whole grain oat flakes*, Sultana raisins* (sultana raisins*, sunflower oil*), Toasted whole grain wheat flakes*, Raisins* (raisins*, sunflower oil*), Coconut chips*, Whole roasted hazelnuts*, Sunflower seeds*.

May contain: Rye, Kamut (wheat), Spelt (wheat), Other tree nuts.

4 Nut Medley Muesli
Raisins, Whole grain wheat flakes, Barley flakes, Whole grain oat flakes, Whole grain toasted wheat flakes, Chopped dates, Chopped Brazil nuts, Cashew pieces, Sunflower seeds, Whole almonds, Whole roasted hazelnuts, Pumpkin seeds.
May contain: Rye, Kamut (wheat), Spelt (wheat), Other tree nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jordans give back?

Jordans are committed to giving back to the planet and the farmers that create their fantastic products. They work with the Bolivian Centre for Research and Promotion of Small Farmers to support 15 communities in the Amazon to replenish the Brazil Nut trees and provide health education alongside training to the local farmers. In California, they work with Project Apis m. on their ‘Seeds for Bees’ campaign to aid the biodiversity of almond groves by providing habitat and nutrition for bees to keep the almond flowers safe and plentiful.