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Olbas - Inhaler Nasal Stick

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Quick Description

Everyone gets a stuffy nose now and then, the Olbas Inhaler offers quick and easy relief from your blocked nose no matter what the occasion.

Key Information

  • Contains pure plant oils
  • Small and perfect to take anywhere
  • Clears blocked sinuses and relieves catarrh
  • Amazing for Hayfever season!
  • Suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over

Product Overview

The Oblas Inhaler is an amazing nasal stick, perfect for relieving your blocked nose of any congestion! This wonderful little nasal stick is made with pure cajuput, eucalyptus, levomenthol and peppermint essential oils.

We all get a blocked nose from time to time, whether it’s hayfever in summer or a cold in winter the Olbas Inhaler is an essential. This Nasal stick is amazing all year round and perfectly practical no matter where you are or where you’re going due to its small, easily transportable design.

Breathe clear and free in no time at all with the Olbas Inhaler Nasal Stick providing relief no matter the occasion.


Menthol 40%w/w, Eucalyptus Oil 20%w/w, Cajuput oil 20% w/w and Peppermint Oil 20%w/w

Cautions/ Allergens

Don’t use if you are allergic to any ingredients.

Like any medicine, it may cause side effects or allergic reactions like a rash. If you notice any side effects make sure to tell your doctor or your pharmacist.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use after the expiry date (stated on the packaging).

If Pregnant or breastfeeding seek advice from your doctor before use.

How to use the Olbas Inhaler Nasal Stick?

First, unscrew the outer cover from the bottom of the nasal stick. Next place the inhaler into one of your nostrils. Then close the other nostril with your finger and inhale. Repeat on your other nostril both are blocked.

Make sure to always with the nasal stick clean on a tissue and replace the cap after every use!

Use no more than 4 times an hour.

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Olbas - Inhaler Nasal Stick
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