Simply Organic - Ground Nutmeg, 65g

Simply Organic - Ground Nutmeg, 65g
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Simply Organic - Ground Nutmeg, 65g

Brand - Simply Organic
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Quick Description

Try one of the world’s most versatile spices with Simply Organic Nutmeg. Warming, earthy, sweet and spicy. Simply Organic, simply delicious!

Key Information

  • Easy to use screw top lid
  • Convenient clear packaging
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • USDA certified organic

Product Description

Did you know that nutmeg used to be so rare that it was used as a kind of currency? Nutmeg has been used for over 3,500 years, with the earliest signs coming from an Indonesian island. Lucky for you, Simply Organic has moved with the times, and has made the wondrously earthy, subtly sweet product readily available for your very own kitchen cabinet.

Nutmeg is brilliantly versatile. It's commonly used in baked goods, porridge and sweetened bread, but we think you have what it takes to push the boat out with this one...why not try putting nutmeg into your next vegan bolognese for some seriously scrumptious depth? Alternatively, sprinkle on oven-baked potatoes and yams for a deliciously roasted feast.

If you’re looking for a premium, high-quality product, Simply Organic has got you covered. Harvested with only organic farming methods, Simply Organic herbs and spices are all certifiably non-irradiated. That means they haven’t been exposed to radiation that’s artificially imposed to preserve the product, so you know that Simply Organic nutmeg is as fresh as can be. Herbs and spices dramatically lose their potency after a year and when preservatives are introduced, there’s just no way of knowing how old your product is. Better safe than sorry!


100% Organic Nutmeg

Frequently Asked Questions

Is nutmeg good for you?

Nutmeg is a very rich source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has been known to help protect against liver disease, heart disease and has even been lauded as an anti-carcinogenic. Proponents of nutmeg’s multi-uses say ingesting enough can even slow visible signs of ageing!