Earth Day – PlantX Canada
Just Egg - Plant-Based Liquid Eggs, 12 oz
Please Note: Just Egg - Plant-Based Liquid Eggs have a shorter shelf life than other products. This product comes with a one-week guarantee. This means it will arrive at your door with a minimum of one week of shelf life! Product Information Made...
Minor Figures - Barista Oat Milk, 1L
Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk gives you an entirely guilt-free, yet extremely delicious way of enjoying your favourite hot beverage. Key Information Fantastic dairy-free source of Calcium Created by baristas for baristas Steaming will give you delicious, silky foam Keep...
Hu – Simple Dark Chocolate, 2.1 Oz
Hu Simple Chocolate Bars are just as simple as it says on the package. Organic, house-ground 70% dark cacao and organic unrefined coconut sugar are used to make these rich and satisfying chocolate bars. Ingredients Organic fair-trade cacao, unrefined organic...
Endangered Species - Dark Chocolate Bars, 85g
Perfect for all of us chocoholics out there, Endangered Species - Dark Chocolate Bars are unique, delicious and environmentally conscious. Key Information These gorgeous bars are 55-72% cocoa Totally vegan friendly and gluten-free Non-GMO and Kosher 10% of Net Profits...

Butler - Soy Curls, 227g

Butler - Soy Curls, 227g
Butler’s Soy Curls is a delicious, all-natural meat alternative made from soybeans. They’re so versatile and can be used for many tasty recipes! Key Information All-natural meat alternative Made from soybeans Great texture and flavour Easy to prepare and use...
Edward & Sons – Miso Soup With Tofu, 1.3 Oz
Edward & Sons Organic Traditional Miso Soup With Tofu is a convenient way to enjoy delicious miso soup made with organic soybeans and organic rice. Organic tofu and organic vegetables are added to the carefully freeze-dried unpasteurized miso to create...
Mother Raw - Spicy Vegan Queso Dip, 8.8 oz
Enjoy your home-favorite snacks by drizzling a zing of Mother Raw Spicy Vegan Queso Dip. Combining the healthy goodness of nutritional yeast, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, turmeric, and a kick of chipotle, this hot and fiery vegan cheese sauce...