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Natur All - Barista Almond, 1L

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Quick Description

Great tasting and all-natural, what more could you want for your coffee? Natur All’s Barista Almond beverage is an easily foamable partner for your brew!

Key Information

  • Barista almond drink
  • Easily foamable
  • Doesn't curdle when heated
  • Crafted with whole ingredients
  • Fully recyclable carton

Product Overview

Naturally sweet and earthy, Natur All’s Barista Almond drink is your coffee’s new buddy! Nothing else but the best and wholesome ingredients make up this delicious beverage. Just 5 ingredients and voila, you’ve got one good carton of almond milk!

Speaking of the carton, Natur All’s Barista Almond comes in a fully recyclable one! Being labelled “barista” means that it’s going to be a good partner for your brew. Natur All’s Barista Almond is totally foamable, so you can definitely make some beautiful and tasty latte creations with it!


Water, Almonds (4%), Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Natural Flavours
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I heat up Natur All’s Barista Almond drink? Will it curdle?

Natur All’s Barista Almond won’t curdle when you heat it up or introduce acidity to it. It’s actually made with coffee in mind, so feel free to add it to your favourite coffee creations! It’ll froth and foam, too!

Client Reviews

Natur All - Barista Almond, 1L
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