Provisions - Sapphire Popcorn, 400g

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Provisions - Sapphire Popcorn, 400g -  nutrition facts
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Provisions - Sapphire Popcorn, 400g

Brand - Provisions
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Quick Description

Put the colour blue and high-quality popcorn kernels together and what do you get? A beautiful and delightful jar of Provisions‘ Sapphire Popcorn!

Key Information

  • Sapphire Popcorn Kernels
  • Popped popcorn with hints of blue
  • Ontario-grown popcorn
  • Comes in a recyclable glass jar
  • No preservatives, just popcorn

Product Overview

Light and crispy, popcorn is a fantastic snack! Because making it is so simple (just pop some in a pan with oil), it’s probably way healthier than your average bag of potato chips. There are no preservatives or artificial flavours here! All you have is a jar of Provisions’ Sapphire Popcorn.

Why sapphire, you ask? Well, one look and there you go! These Ontario-grown popcorn kernels have hints of blue on them. When they’ve been popped, they become bright white. It’s like magic, but it’s all-natural!


Popcorn Kernels

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I pop Provisions’ Sapphire Popcorn at home?

Everyone has their own way of doing so, but here’s the word straight from the makers of this Sapphire Popcorn. Place 3 kernels in a high-sided pan on high heat with some oil (sunflower, grapeseed, or avocado oil is recommended).

Once those 3 pop, add the rest or as much as you want in. Set the heat to medium and remember to give it a good shake now and then.

Will my Provisions’ Sapphire Popcorn be blue or be coloured blue once I pop them?

Once popped, the popcorn becomes white!