Scratch Fine Foods - Garlic Sauerkraut, 500ml


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Scratch Fine Foods - Garlic Sauerkraut, 500ml
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Scratch Fine Foods - Garlic Sauerkraut, 500ml

Brand - Scratch Fine Foods
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Quick Description

Scratch Fine Foods Garlic Sauerkraut is the perfect combination of crunch and garlicky tang. Full of nutritional goodness, a spoonful a day will satiate all your krauty needs!

Key Information

  • Delicious and crunchy delicacy
  • Perfect in sandwiches, curries, toasties or on its own
  • Excellent source of vitamins C and K, omega fatty acids
  • Packed with probiotics and minerals
  • Aids digestion and improves overall health
  • Made in Vancouver

Product Overview

Pretty much everyone is familiar with sauerkraut. But have you heard of… Garlic Sauerkraut? Scratch Fine Foods combines the delicious traditional cabbage with garlic, producing a delicious savoury, acidy and garlicky delight. All whilst being completely gluten-free and vegan. Result! 

Scratch Fine Foods Garlic Sauerkraut is an absolute nutrients powerhouse. It’s packed with all sorts of beneficial probiotics and nutrients, fibre and minerals. Through fermentation, probiotics are produced and help you absorb nutrients much more efficiently. Say goodbye to raw cabbage, sauerkraut is where it’s at.

Enjoy Scratch Fine Foods Garlic Sauerkraut with everything! Its delicious tangy garlicky flavour tastes great tucking in sandwiches or sprinkled on salads. Add it to curries or mash it in an avo. You can fancy it up or simply eat from the jar! It really does taste that good.


White Cabbage, Garlic, Kosher Salt

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Scratch Fine Foods Garlic Sauerkraut?

Because of the high nutrients and probiotic components, sauerkraut has all sorts of health benefits. It’s packed with vitamins C and K, omega fatty acids and iron. Altogether, this delicious superfood boosts your immune system, aids digestion and can even reduce stress and maintain brain health. 

So, hop on board! Nourish yourself and get some today!