Scratch Fine Foods - Lacto-Fermented Koji Cucumbers, 500ml


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Scratch Fine Foods - Lacto-Fermented Koji Cucumbers, 500ml

Brand - Scratch Fine Foods
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Quick Description

Crack open a jar of Scratch Fine Foods Lacto-Fermented Koji Cucumbers and enjoy in sandwiches, salads or munch them on their own. They’re finger-licking good!

Key Information

  • Delicious crunchy pickles with a floral earthy tang
  • Packed with vitamins K and A
  • Contains lots of probiotics to help maintain a happy gut
  • Vegan and gluten-free 
  • Nut-free and absolutely no preservative or additives

Product Overview

Love pickles? You’ll love Scratch Fine Foods Lacto-Fermented Koji Cucumbers. Think fresh, crisp and earthy flavours combined with gentle floral tones. Throw a little bit of garlic in there for the garlic lovers and BAM. Here you have the best-tasting tangalicious pickles you’ll ever have!

The Lacto-Fermented Koji Cucumbers is a one-stop shop for all your gut health goodness. Each jar is packed with vitamins K and A, as well as lots of probiotics. This pickled delicacy helps protect your body’s microbiome and supports healthy bacteria in the gut. Happy gut, happy life!

Enjoy the delicious koji cukes in sandwiches, salads and or just as they come. Pair it with hot mustard or add it to the side of your fav vegan cheese board. That crunch gives the ultimate satisfactory bite. 

And don’t forget - don’t chuck out that salty brine! It’s probiotic-rich and absolutely delicious. Add it to soups, pasta dishes or use it as an alternative to vinegar in salad dressings. Your gut will thank you for it.


Cucumbers, lacto-brine, koji, garlic

What is ‘koji’ in Scratch Fine Foods Lacto-Fermented Koji Cucumbers?

If you’ve read koji and you’re left wondering, “what is that”, don’t fret. In the world of fermentation, koji is a well-known fermentation culture. Koji, also known as Aspergillus oryzae, is commonly used in fermentation to make Miso, Sake and soy sauce. 

During the fermentation, the fungus helps break down the food and increases the probiotic content found in the foods. It adds a delicious salty, umami flavour and a floral, earthy creaminess to the brine. Something you just don’t get in your average jar of pickles.