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Brand - The Frauxmagerie

The Frauxmagerie - Botanic Cam Vegan Cheese, 190g

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Quick Description

The Frauxmagerie’s amazingly creamy and earthy Botanic Cam Vegan Cheese is so versatile you can truly pair it with anything!

Key Information

  • Dairy-free Botanic Cam Cheese
  • Encrusted with an authentic rind
  • Made using plant-based ingredients
  • Free from oils and preservatives
  • Soy-free and gluten-free

Product Overview

When it comes to tasty vegan cheese, The Frauxmagerie has got your back and then some! This incredible Botanic Cam Vegan Cheese is so delicious and so versatile you’ll want to pair it with anything and everything. It even has a rind that is grown following the traditional methods of cheese-making!

With its rich, umami and earthy flavour, this cheese is a real fan favourite. It goes so great with anything, any vegan cheese board would feel empty without it. Pairing beautifully with a chilled glass of Riesling, you’ll feel like a superstar whilst eating this amazingly luxurious Botanic Cam Vegan Cheese.

A fantastic plant-based alternative, this vegan cheese is made using the highest quality raw cashews. It is completely soy and gluten-free and contains absolutely no oils or preservatives.


Raw cashews, nutritional yeast, vegan probiotics, salt, bacterial culture, filtered water.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Cashews)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are cashews so often used for vegan cheese?

The reason why cashews are often used as the main ingredient in vegan cheese is that they are quite high in fats. That’s why they are a great choice, the fat content in cashews can mimic the creamy texture the dairy cheeses usually have. They also have a naturally sweet, mild flavour that is like the slight sweetness that some dairy cheeses have.

Client Reviews

The Frauxmagerie - Botanic Cam Vegan Cheese, 190g
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