The Frauxmagerie - Botanic True Blue Vegan Cheese, 190g


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The Frauxmagerie - Botanic True Blue Vegan Cheese, 190g
The Frauxmagerie - Botanic True Blue Vegan Cheese, 190g  - back
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The Frauxmagerie - Botanic True Blue Vegan Cheese, 190g

Brand - The Frauxmagerie
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Quick Description

The Frauxmagerie’s Botanic True Blue Vegan Cheese is here to prove you don’t need animals to make deliciously tangy and crumbly blue cheese!

Key Information

  • Plant-based true blue cheese
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Free from soy & oil
  • Gluten-free
  • Sharp tangy taste and soft crumbly texture

Product Overview

It is perhaps the hardest food to recreate in vegan form, but the Frauxmagerie has done it! This Botanic True Blue Cheese is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Made with only natural ingredients, this Vegan Blue Cheese has an irresistibly soft crumbly and creamy texture. Its distinctly sharp tangy flavour and aroma is incredibly close to blue cheese, yet even more delicious for the fact it has been made with love and without harming any animals!

For a breathtakingly flavoursome vegan treat, pair spread this Blue Vegan Cheese across your favourite crackers and pair with slices of sweet pear, walnuts, dried fruit and a glass of red wine.

As if being a Vegan Blue Cheese was not enough, the Botanic True Blue Vegan Cheese also contains vegan probiotics which are great for supporting a healthy gut. It is also rich in protein which can help to support muscle growth and keep you feeling full for longer!


Raw cashews, nutritional yeast, vegan probiotics, salt, bacterial culture, filtered water.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Cashews)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Frauxmagerie make vegan cheese?

Marie-Catherine Marsot’s inspiration for The Frauxmagerie’s unique vegan cheese-making method was inspired by her upbringing.

Her father was a microbiologist and so Marie-Catherine had grown up with jars of bacteria culture around the house. Combining bacterial culture expertise from her father with her own cooking skills, she experimented extensively with vegan cheese making. Marie-Catherine discovered that the process relies on exactly the right external as well as internal conditions.

Despite its popularity, the Frauxmagerie has stuck with its artisanal roots, and much of the vegan cheese process is still done by hand.