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Brand - The Frauxmagerie

The Frauxmagerie - Botanic Swizz Vegan Cheese, 190g

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Quick Description

Pop open a bottle of chardonnay and enjoy some of The Frauxmagerie’s amazing dairy-free Botanic Swizz Vegan Cheese on a relaxing quiet night in.

Key Information

  • Dairy-free Botanic Swizz Cheese
  • Perfect vegan alternative for cheese lovers
  • Gluten, oil & soy-free
  • No preservatives
  • Proudly made in Canada

Product Overview

Finding that perfect vegan cheese is a bit of a struggle, but the world of plant-based cheeses has come a long way. The Frauxmagerie presents its stunning Botanic Swizz Vegan Cheese for all to enjoy.

Essential for any vegan cheese board, its mild, sweet and salty flavour will satisfy even the most sensitive palate. Pairs fantastically with your favourite pickled fruits and vegetables for that perfect sweet and savoury bite!

Its firm rind and smooth texture will make it feel and taste just like the real thing with absolutely none of the guilt.

Made with the best raw cashews, this gorgeous cheese is completely dairy-free and vegan friendly. It contains absolutely no preservatives, as well as no gluten, oil or soy. Make sure to keep it refrigerated!


Raw cashews, nutritional yeast, vegan probiotic, salt, bacterial culture, filtered water.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Cashews)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long-lasting are The Frauxmagerie’s products?

All The Frauxmagerie products contain absolutely no preservatives, so they don’t have the longest shelf-life. If unopened, the Frauxmages are good until the best before date that can be found on the packaging. However, if you have opened and tasted the delicious contents, make sure to gobble them up within 5-7 days!

Client Reviews

The Frauxmagerie - Botanic Swizz Vegan Cheese, 190g
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