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The bedroom. Debatably the most important room of the house. Humans spend around 26 years of their life sleeping and even more in their sleep space. Quite plainly, it’s a room you can’t neglect. You deserve to feel calm, rejuvenated, and relaxed the minute you walk through the door. How? We hear you ask … Mother nature’s magic of course.

Breathe life, character, and freshness into your sleep-space with PlantX’s wonderful array of bedroom plants. Elegant, diverse, and brimming with health benefits, it’s time to transform your cozy four walls into the ultimate zen den. So, whether it’s a tall and leafy statement maker or a nightstand succulent you are after, stick around and have a browse. Add a touch of greenery into your decor, sit back, and reap the benefits ...

How Are Bedroom Plants Different From Other Plants? 

Bedroom plants are a type of indoor plant (plants that are specifically adapted for growing inside). Bedroom plants tend to be plant species native to warmer parts of the world that are able to easily adapt to the warm, dry conditions found in a bedroom. So, while not quite the same as the plants in your local forest, bedroom plants are most certainly right at home in your sleep space. 

What’s more? Bedroom plants help purify air, can boost mood, productivity, and sleep, and are proven to have many positive psychological effects … pretty special we think. 

What Are The Best Plants For A Bedroom?

The ‘best’ of anything depends on what you are looking for - bedroom plants included! The perfect plant partner for you will change depending on whether you are looking for an impressive air purifier, an easy to care for statement maker, or some simple but effective addition to your windowsill. However, if you want a quick starting point then, look no further than this handy PlantX guide.

  1. Aloe Vera. Well-known front-runners in the plant world. Easy to care for. Release oxygen at night as well as the day.
  2. Spider plants. Easy to care for. Remove harmful chemicals from air. Have long thin leaves that make them perfect hanging plants. 
  3. Snake Plants. Sturdy, easy to care for, and filter air both day and night. Great for newbies and those looking for great air purifiers. 
  4. English Ivy. Elegant draping leaves perfect for hanging or placing on shelves. Remove toxins from air and need regular watering.
  5. Peace Lily. Beautiful, elegant, and ideal for adding a calming presence to your room. Impressive air purifiers. Keep away from pets and small children, these plants are toxic if eaten. 
  6. Areca Palm. Great standing plants to make a statement. Excellent air purifiers. Need watering regularly. 
  7. Heart-leafed Philodendron. Easy to care for, impressive air purifiers, large heart-shaped leaves to level up any decor. Keep away from pets and small children, these plants are toxic if eaten. 

How To Care For Bedroom Plants?

The two key ingredients for a flourishing plant are water and light. Firstly, ensure your plant has proper drainage holes, then, feed it with enough water. When watering, do so slowly until water starts to trickle from the drainage holes, and make sure all water can drain through the plant completely. Only water when the soil is dry to touch never waters if the soil is still damp from the previous watering. 

Next, lighting. Some plants get by with very little light, others need a lot more. Make sure you read up on how much light your plant needs, this will give you a proper idea on how to make sure your pant gets just the right amount of sunshine! If your bedroom plant needs a lot of light to flourish, place it near a window - and if you don’t have one - near an artificial light is the second best. 

PlantX Top Tip: Water your plant over a sink and only return it to the saucer once all the water has drained through. This is a great way to make sure you don’t leave your plant sitting in stagnant water (a big plant faux-pas!)

What Are The Best Bedroom Plants For Beginners?

If you are new to the world of plants it can all be a little scary. However, not to worry, there are plenty beginner-friendly plants that will grow comfortably without much skill, effort, or maintenance required. For example, Sansevieria plants, Pothos plants, ZZ plants, or any of the easy-care plants available at PlantX (a hand-picked selection of wonderful indoor plants perfectly suitable for newbies.)

However, specifically for the bedroom, we can’t hype up the Snake Plants enough. Perhaps the hardiest of house plants, Snake plants are effortlessly elegant and effortless to care for. Why are they so great for the bedroom? Snake plants filter indoor air both during the day and the night, meaning you get the purest quality air right around the clock. Simply place in bright indirect light and water occasionally (every 2 weeks should be fine). Then, sit back and let your bedroom plant dreams come to life.

Do Bedroom Plants Help You Sleep Better?

Yes! Bedroom plants can improve sleep. Plants purify the air we breathe and can give off scents that help us to relax. Both of which lead to, hello ... better sleep! 

For example, Snake Plants and Orchids give out oxygen at night to help you breathe right through the night, while plants such as Jasmine or Lavender give off a divine sleepy scent that lasts all night long. 

Indoor plants have also been linked to reducing stress and creating a natural, calming atmosphere - two more key ingredients for a better night's rest. 

What Are The Benefits Of Bedroom plants?

We’ve established that bedroom plants can help you sleep, but of course that’s not all. When mother nature is involved a whole host of benefits tend to follow. So, if you are not convinced yet, have a little read - you’ll be ready to transform your bedroom into a jungle in no time. 

  1. Bedroom plants can boost your mood. We all know nature has magic, so why not bring that magic into your sleep space? Indoor gardening can be incredibly beneficial for people suffering from mental illness. Horticultural therapy has been used to boost mood among people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other conditions. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so why not invest and make it the mood-boosting haven you deserve.
  2. Bedroom plants can speed up recovery time. Research suggests that being surrounded by plants or flowers when recovering from an illness, injury or surgery can speed up the time you take to get back to health. When feeling a bit under the weather, the bedroom is where we tend to end up. So, why not prepare ahead of time, curate the ultimate healing den, and get one up on that next pesky sore throat, cold or flu.
  3. Bedroom plants can create the ultimate Zen feeling. Indoor plants have been linked to reducing stress levels. Studies have found that working with plants can reduce both physiological and psychological stress - repotting, caring for, and just spending time with plants in general can be a great stress-reliever. Your bedroom should be a calm haven, and what better way to do that than by bringing the outdoors in. 
  4. Bedroom plants can boost productivity levels. Studies have found that being around plants can increase your attention span, make you more productive and even boost creativity levels. Not bad for those of us who are trying to double up the use of our bedroom space. If you are someone who likes to work from their bedroom, add some greenery to your space and make the perfect sanctuary for both sleep and study.

Bedroom plants purify the air that we breathe. Breathing is pretty important. So, filling your room with plants to improve the air you breathe seems pretty important too. Just take a look at the air purifying plants available at PlantX - simple as that.

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