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Only Plant Based
Only Plant Based - Ranch Dressing, 11 oz
Trick your tastebuds with Only Plant-Based Ranch Dressing. It has all the flavor of the traditional dairy-based ranch but made with only vegan ingredients. GMO-free and versatile, it’s the perfect salad dressing, veggies and chips dip, or as a sandwich...
Only Plant Based - Chipotle Mayonnaise, 11 Oz
Liven up your dishes with just the right amount of kick from Only plant-based Chipotle Mayo. With its burst of flavors, it’s perfect for tacos, wraps, Tex-Mex bowls, and other Mexican dishes. What’s more, it’s made with only vegan, GMO-free...
Only Plant Based - Sour Cream, 11 oz
Make a great impression on any occasion with Only Plant Based Sour Cream. A versatile and delicious GMO-free sour cream with an authentic taste and texture. Try it with baked potatoes, vegan chili, veggies, or Mexican meals. Ingredients: "Water, Rapeseed...
Only Plant Based - Garlic Mayonnaise, 11 oz
You can never have too much garlic. Enjoy the taste of fresh garlic in creamy mayo with Only Plant-based Garlic Mayo. Drizzle over grilled asparagus, burger, panini, or as a dip for chips and French fries. What’s more, it’s made...
Only Plant Based - Original Mayonnaise, 11 oz
Switch to your new go-to mayo with Only Plant Based Original Mayonnaise. Enjoy the original’s rich and creamy texture with a gentle tartness. Pair it anytime with your favorite foods: from burgers, fries, sandwiches, toasties, coleslaw, or potato salad. Ingredients:...
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