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Worried about what would happen if you got a house plant but forgot to water it? Or went on holiday and left it to its own devices for a while? Or perhaps you’d like to get a nice little succulent as a gift for a friend’s birthday, but you’re worried they’ll kill it within the week?

Well, there are a special range of beautiful indoor plants that pretty much take care of themselves. A range of hardier, easy-care house plants are available from the Indoor Plants section on PlantX for you to choose from! It’s nice to have a little bit of greenery indoors, and you don’t have to be a ‘green-thumb’ gardening extraordinaire, or have loads of spare time in order to introduce easy-to-care-for plants in your home!

Easy care plants are great for beginners, and a fantastic way to get started on your indoor plant journey if you haven’t got much experience or are intimidated by the amount of upkeep plants require. 

"Buy something that likes to live the way you do," is the advice from New York University horticulture therapy program manager Gwenn Fried - if you’ve got a less predictable timetable, move around a lot, or just don’t fancy having to put a large amount of effort into maintaining your plants at home, easy care plants may be for you!

What Are Some Amazing Easy Care Plants?

From Pothos ’n’joy to Tillandsia Air Plant Caput-medusae, Spathiphyllum ‘Peace Lily’, Philodendron Monstera Split-leaf, Bird’s Nest ‘Nidus’ Fern, Hoya Obovata, Senecio and Japanese Maple Tree Bonsai, there are a wide variety of sturdier indoor plants out there that can handle a bit of neglect.

 The list goes on - Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf, Pothos ‘Snow Queen’, Peperomia Thailand, English Ivy Green California, Jade Succulent ‘Crassula’, Pilea Peperomioides ‘Chinese Money’, Snake Plant Gold Hahnii, Snake Plant Starfish and more. 

For the full range of wonderful low-upkeep house plants that are hard to kill and readily available on PlantX, check out the Indoor Plants page. There are few different varieties of several of the plants, some of them come in different sized pots, and some even come with a DIY planting kit.

How to Care for your Easy Care Plants

As the title suggests, caring for these types of indoor plants is, by definition, easy! Typical conditions it’s important to consider when thinking about plant care include air quality, water, amount of sunlight, soil and nutrients, humidity, temperature, and more. And with plants designated as ‘Easy To Care For’, you can assume that they’ll be able to thrive under a broader range of conditions and without significant extra support.

Guidelines will vary from plant to plant, so always be sure to check out the guidance for your particular product, but in general you can assume that easy care plants require less work than other indoor flora. They also may more easily germinate (make baby plants), which is something to consider (and could be a potential source of gifts for friends! 

1. Sunlight and temperature: Most easy-care plants can be grown in indirect sunlight and are happy with general indoor temperatures between 55-80°F (13-27°C), and some can handle direct sun too.

2. Insect pests and diseases: Aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and scale are always a risk when it comes to plants in general. In terms of diseases, the most common issue is root rot that comes from overwatering - so be sure not to water to the point that you end up with soggy soil! 

3. Pots and supports: Some easy-care plants love to climb and so benefit from being trained on a trellis, moss pole, bamboo stick or other object to support it. Others have trailing stems that work well in hanging baskets. And some just require a simple, drainable pot!

Benefits of Easy Care Plants For Your Home

Colour, aroma, aesthetics and that simple presence of living nature in the often non-organic environment of the home are all lovely features of having indoor plants. Easy to care for plants just mean that these benefits are easier to maintain! There are some more specific ways in which easy care plants improve the atmosphere in a home environment, such as air quality, brightness and odor…

1. Almost all indoor plants have leaves covered in small pores, which absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen - this process is called photosynthesis, and is what keeps our air breathable. In general, the larger the surface area of a plant’s leaves, the more efficient they are at photosynthesizing!

2. Some easy care plants like Pothos Ivy also have air-purifying qualities - such as being able to absorb and remove toxins (such as formaldehyde) from materials found in home spaces (like in carpets and other upholstery).

3. Indoor plants are also great at trapping dust that would otherwise coat furniture or kitchen surfaces - they help keep the place clean!

No-fuss and highly rewarding, easy care plants are the bomb when it comes to decking out your apartment or home with beautiful, amazing natural goodness that has benefits for your health, home and sense of wellbeing.

Easy Care plants are a great way to change the vibe in your space, add a new colour scheme, new textures or simply to bring a little bit of the outside world inside. Here at PlantX, our range of low-maintenance, easy to care for plants are well worth checking out for beginners and indoor plant enthusiasts alike.

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